[Download] Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley Remastered [Spotify, Youtube and Torrent]


The album that is included within the 1001 albums that you must hear before dying has the same name of the creator: Elvis Presley. This album was the debut of the rock artist and additionally, it was the first album of rock to reach N°1 of the charts in the year 1956. The songs anthem of this album are Blue Suede Shoes, I Got a Woman, Tutti Frutti and Money Honey.


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Whatever People Say that I’m That’s What I’m Not. The Answer from Arctic Monkeys to The Strokes [Spotify, Youtube and Download Links Inside]

whateverpeopleReleased back in 2006, Arctic Monkeys are probably the best that rock had since The Strokes. This is a basic album for anyone who loves indie rock music. The Arctic Monkeys found their best sounds here, even when this was their first album! almost all the tracks are a masterpiece. Starting from A Certain Romance, a perfect tune for a sporty sunday morning, or a great beginning for your weekend, this tune will certainly make you feel good. From the Ritz to the Rubble gives me chills, it’s such a great tune! I bet you look good on the dancefloor is a track that will be remembered in the next generations, Mardy Bum is the perfect relaxing and sarcastic song that could be used to upset your girlfriend, Perhaps Vampires is A Bit Strong But…, Red Lights Indicates Doors are Secured, Riot Van, Still take you home and finally When The Sun Goes Down, what can i say? i love almost all the tunes in this album, maybe i listened too much, or maybe and more probably they are great.whateverpeople3

I leave you here the download link: Download Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I am That’s What I Am Not

Spotify Playlist: Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not on Spotify

Youtube Playlist: Whatever People Say I am… Playlist on Youtube

[Download] Be Here Now from Oasis, the 90’s Sound reflected in One Album [Youtube, Spotify and Download Links]


Be Here Now is the best album in the discography of Oasis, at least for me. I feel that they have the sound of the nineties in every album, but specially in this one. It is very similar to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band from The Beatles and the album is filled with references to the Fab 4. Actually, the album is named “Be Here Now” because that was what John Lennon said when asked to put a phrase to the 60’s era. I have to say that from the first song to the end all the album is chained in a very good way.  Stand by me, a song that will pass the generations, and All Around The World is a song that is a classic now, both of the later are now anthems. If you like the late 90s and early 00’s music this will be a great album for you. “If you start a band and you don’t wanna be like The Beatles, then there’s no reason to start a band”.



If you want to download the album, here is the link: Be Here Now by Oasis, Download Link

Youtube Playlist: Youtube Playlist to Be Here Now from Oasis

Spotify Playlist:  Spotify Playlist to Be Here Now from Oasis


One of The Best Rock Albums in History: The Strokes – Is This It? The Sound that Shaped a Generation [Download]

This is it 1

If One Album makes history every generation, Is This It from The Strokes is one of them. Categorized as the best album according the critics around the world and one of the 100th best albums in the history, if you have not listened yet The Strokes, you should consider start from this. The Modern Age and Soma are pure indie harmonic rock, distilled in the most incredible way. Someday and Last Nite are the perfection of The strokes, this two songs made history and will be remembered as classics in the future generations.  The entire Album is a jewel that you must have. Blessed and cursed with an enormous amount of hype from the British press, the Strokes prove to be one of the few groups deserving of their glowing reviews. Granted, their high-fashion appeal and faultless influences — Television, the Stooges, and especially Lou Reed and the Velvets — have “critics’ darlings” written all over them. But like the similarly lauded Elastica and Supergrass before them, the Strokes don’t rehash the sounds that inspire them –they remake them in their own image – and that’s why this album is one of the best albums of the decade 2000-2010.

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[Must Listen] The New Vintage Music: The Strokes – Angles [Playlists]



The Strokes released this album named Angles. It was a long time of waiting for the fans, 8 years since the “Room on Fire” in 2003 for this on 2011. Definitively The Strokes don’t surprise with this album, it doesn’t have the energy that they had on their first album that led them the nickname of “the saviors of rock”. It is not pure indie rock, it has another style, and that’s what has been happening with this band since “This is it”. You can not say that this is a bad album, far from it, The Strokes have risked and moved away from what made ​​them succeed, and perhaps that’s the problem, the stakes are too high for a group that revolutionized the world music scene in the early 00’s, and anything that comes from them will be disappointing for the mere fact that their are already distant from “Is This It?, an album that is unbeatable and perfect. The best songs are Under cover of Darkness and Gratisfaction, both of them with a very indie style!!! Good drums, riffs and rhythm, both of them too similar to the sound that they had in Is This It?. We have waited 8 years and Is This It?

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