Python all in one for dummies

Right now you should how to use python, or at least be trying to learn how to.

We can use many online courses, but one of the best ways to learn is through reading books because it is self paced. At least one of you have tried at least on of the for dummies book, i guess.

Here i leave you the torrent of this book for dummies:

The contents is pretty good:

Python For Dummies Contents

Book 1: Getting Started with Python

  • CHAPTER 1: Starting with Python
  • CHAPTER 2: Interactive Mode, Getting Help, Writing Apps
  • CHAPTER 3:Python Elements and Syntax
  • CHAPTER 4: Building Your First Python Application 

Book 2: Understanding Python Building Blocks 

  • CHAPTER 1: Working with Numbers, Text, and Dates 
  • CHAPTER 2: Controlling the Action 
  • CHAPTER 3: Speeding Along with Lists and Tuples 
  • CHAPTER 4: Cruising Massive Data with Dictionaries
  • CHAPTER 5: Wrangling Bigger Chunks of Code 
  • CHAPTER 6: Doing Python with Class 
  • CHAPTER 7: Sidestepping Errors

Book 3: Working with Python Libraries

  • CHAPTER 1: Working with External Files
  • CHAPTER 2: Juggling JSON Data 
  • CHAPTER 3: Interacting with the Internet 
  • CHAPTER 4: Libraries, Packages, and Modules 

Book 4: Using Artificial Intelligence in Python

  • CHAPTER 1: Exploring Artificial Intelligence 
  • CHAPTER 2: Building a Neural Network in Python 
  • CHAPTER 3: Doing Machine Learning in Python 
  • CHAPTER 4: Exploring More AI in Python 

Book 5: Doing Data Science with Python 

  • CHAPTER 1: The Five Areas of Data Science
  • CHAPTER 2: Exploring Big Data with Python
  • CHAPTER 3: Using Big Data from the Google Cloud

Book 6: Talking to Hardware with Python

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Physical Computing 
  • CHAPTER 2: No Soldering! Grove Connectors for Building Things
  • CHAPTER 3: Sensing the World with Python: The World of I2C
  • CHAPTER 4: Making Things Move with Python 

Book 7: Building Robots with Python 

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Robotics 
  • CHAPTER 2: Building Your First Python Robot
  • CHAPTER 3: Programming Your Robot Rover in Python 
  • CHAPTER 4: Using Artificial Intelligence in Robotics