[Download PDF] Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad is already a classic that you can not allow to not read.

It is easy reading and an eye opener for those who are in debt, or those who feel stuck in their lifes.

IT teaches you a lot, so i give it to you here:



The Best Album from Gorillaz: Plastic Beach (Deluxe Edition)

This album has aged very very well; songs like Stylo, Melancholy Hill, Rhinestone Eyes and Empire Ants are now classics in the indie community, where their eclectic sound had captivated us. The very beautiful ambiental sound and the very conceptual and futuristic style are still in vogue, and we still love this gret band named as Gorillaz, that used many great collaborations. As usual, this album has many rare sounds, there are some parts that could be listened like a complete marsterpiece. Maybe you will need many hearings to get used to it, but in the end, you will dream to the day where you can get a sun bath at plastic beach.

Best songs are:

  1. Stylo

2. Rhinestone Eyes

3. On Melancholy hill

4. Empire Ants

The links are:

Youtube playlist full album: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA2D68081F34E39D9

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/album/2dIGnmEIy1WZIcZCFSj6i8

Direct download link torrent:

[Download] Drake returns to its roots with Dark Lane Demo Tapes [Spotify, Youtube and Torrent link]

The last album from Drake, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, is a terrific one, with beats that reminds us to the best albums of him, where he used dark beats, sick lyrics that could be used for a late night driving alone with the broken heart.

Best album tracks:

  1. Deep pockets: a low and depressing beat but relaxing in some way, deep pockets reminds me to the first studio tracks of drake, the one where he was hungry for being the best rapper, and that creates a sick atmosphere for the night.
  2. Chicago Freestyle: I really love this tune, really, because it pays respect to the eminem’s song “Superman”, and it was a sick way of doing it using a slow beat tune, i think this is the best track in the album.
  3. Not You Too: Trust? Trust who?
  4. Toosie Slide: The most pop track in the album? maybe yes, the most happier one, and i think the most easy one, but the feeling that it left you is a good one, and you can dance with this tune.

In this album Drake returned to his base sick low beats that are perfect for the winter, i really liked this album more than the last one that came before this, really recomended one.

Youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcxPv4I-xZg&list=PLF4zOU-_1sldTROdrdIcj_eD5iJXioxDf&index=14

Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/album/6OQ9gBfg5EXeNAEwGSs6jK?si=16AB0WBeSgyaHNN8pIB4_Q

Download link: https://tpb.party/torrent/36159923/Drake_-_Dark_Lane_Demo_Tapes_(2020)_Mp3_(320kbps)_[Hunter]

[Libros] Los 10 Mejores Libros sobre Negocios de todos los Tiempos [Download Ebooks]


Una persona no puede avanzar sin la ayuda del conocimiento de alguien más, la mejor forma hasta el día de hoy siguen siendo los libros. Por ello, compartimos esta lista que muchas personas gerentes y renombradas sugieren que se debe leer:

  1. Barbarians at the Gate – Bryan Burrough, habla sobre el abuso en el caso de la empresa Nabisco en 1988 de los empleadores hacia sus trabajadores. Barbarians at the Gate PDF Direct Download Link
  2. The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton Christensen, aclamado por Steve Jobs, explica que mientras más exitosa es una empresa más dificil es innovar. The Innovator’s Dilemma PDF Download Link of the Book (Torrent)
  3. Too Big to Fail – Andrew Ross, cuenta la historia de la crisis del 2007-2008. Too Big to Fail PDF Direct Download Link
  4. Liar’s Poker – Michael Lewis, cuenta sobre la burbuja en la que viven las personas que trabajan en una mesa de dinero. Liar’s Poker PDF Direct Download Link (Libro en Español)
  5. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham, te da los mejores datos sobre cómo invertir si es que quieres iniciarte en el mundo de la bolsa de valores. The Intelligent Investor PDF Direct Download Link
  6. The Black Swan -Nassim Taleb, aprenderás sobre cómo los sistemas de predicción altamente profesionales no incluyen escenarios super adversos, lo cual genera estas grandes crisis como las que sufrimos en el 07-08. Black Swan En Español Link Descarga Directa PDF
  7. Lords of Finance – Liaquat Ahamed, el libro comenta sobre como una poca cantidad de seres humanos, como los banqueros centrales tienen tanto poder como para hacer a la gente más pobre o hacerla vivir en condiciones de estabilidad. Lords of the Finance PDF Download Direct Link Torrent
  8. Good to Great – Jim Collins, estudia los casos de las empresas que son grandes y determina qué las separa de aquellas empresas que solo llegan a ser buenas. Good to Great PDF Download Direct Link
  9. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries, es el código o manual básico para todo emprendedor. The Lean Startup PDF File Download Link
  10. Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman, demuestra que los seres humanos no siempre hacen decisiones racionales y que están controlados por sesgos inconscientes y actúan impulsivamente.  Thinking Fast and Slow PDF Direct Download Link En Español

Download: Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Vol. 2 [Spotify, Youtube and Download Links Inside]

awesome mix vol 2

This is the last of the Awesome mix series 😦 the Awesome Mix Volume 2! I have to say that it really liked me even more than the Awesome Mix Volume Zero and almost than the Volume One. It has a very 70’s style, going from disco through rock and even psychedelic rock with David Bowie. Here is the tracklist:

1. Shining Star – Earth, Wind and Fire (Main Title/Credits) 2. Rebel, Rebel – David Bowie (Wanted Outlaws) 3. I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers (Search for Father) 4. Gimme Dat Thing – The Pipkins (The Collector) 5. Island Girl – Elton John (Trip to KnowWhere) 6. Vehicle – Ides of March (Escape) 7. These Eyes – The Guess Who (Peter and Gamora) 8. I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash (Redemption) 9. Oh Babe, What Would You Say – Hurricane Smith (Rocket on Sax) 10. Surrender – Cheap Trick (End Credits) 11. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John/Kiki Dee (Post Credits)

And for your pleasure the download link:Awesome Mix Volume 2

And if you like youtube: Youtube: Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Volume 2

And even Spotify: Spotify – Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Well, well, well…. there is some update to this list given that now we have the movie on theaters. The Original Soundtrack of Vol 2 Movie tracklisting is:

01. Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky (5:03) 02. The Sweet – Fox on the Run (3:25) 03. Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah – Lake Shore Drive (3:49) 04. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain (4:27) 05. Sam Cooke – Bring It on Home to Me (2:43) 06. Glen Campbell – Southern Nights (2:57) 07. George Harrison – My Sweet Lord (4:37) 08. Looking Glass – Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) (3:03) 09. Jay & The Americans – Come a Little Bit Closer (2:46) 10. Silver – Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang (3:32) 11. Cheap Trick – Surrender (4:14) 12. Cat Stevens – Father and Son (3:39) 13. Parliament – Flash Light (4:28) 14. The Sneepers – Guardians Inferno (feat. David Hasselhoff) (3:16)

And the download link is here: Original Soundtrack Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Also, Youtube Playlist:Awesome Mix Vol. 2 Original Soundtrack

And Spotify Playlist: Awesome Mix Vol 2 Spotify Playlist