[Download] The Best Album of Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman [Spotify, Youtube, Torrent]


There are a few battles in the Pop world in these years about the next Pop Queen, a throne that Britney Spears held for a long time back there in the beginning of the 00’s. There is not a clearly winner yet but Ariana Grande with a voice very similar to Christina Aguilera, a powerful and melodic voice that melts very good with the electronic beats of this era sounds like a clear candidate for me. In this album she amaze with Be Alright (a sexy tune with some niu disco influence), the electronic Into You, the well known already Side to Side with Nicki Minaj, the romantic Sometimes and the funky Foverer Boy. This album was one of the best albums that i heard in these years, a really great work from Ariana Grande.

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