[Dance Music] Calvin Harris, 18 months, only 4 Tunes with Nü Disco in them [Playlists]



I feel that Calvin Harris sold his soul in between these years to the pop scene and lost his previous nü-disco feeling that differentiated him from another djs. I felt that when I first listened to this album: Bounce, Feel so Close, Drinking from the Bottle, We found love and I Need Your Love were clearly made for the pop industry. But not everything in the album is bad, it has great tracks like Iron (with Nicky Romero), an excellent electro tune that begins slowly and finish as a great twisted electro song. School, after all the pop shit stuff in the album, came this gem with the old school funky nu disco feeling that Calvin had when he starts with I Created DiscoAwooga, sick tune bro. And finally, Thinking about you, this track reminds me a lot of I’m not alone tune from his previous work, and even to Paul Van Dyk’s works earlier in his glorious days. This was an album that has good tunes for the electro-pop audience, and others that has a great soul, the soul that Harris has developed in these years. Without losing sight the evolution and maturity that he has developed as a producer, this is an Eclectic album with tracks going from Hip Hop with From Here 2 China to Twisted Electro with Awooga, this album makes me feel a little sad for the clear evidence that Calvin has left his Nu-Disco style, the style that his earlier fans loved, and has fallen to this mainstream Dj category headed by David Guetta.

Download Link: 18 Months (Deluxe Edition) Download

Download and Listen Calvin Harris’ debut Album – I Created Disco [iTunes Edition]

The debut album from Calvin Harris, it was released on 2007 and peaked at number eight on the UK Albums Chart. The writing and recording for I Created Disco started in 2006 when Harris moved back to his hometown on Scotland after living in London for two years. All recording and producing for the album took place on an Amiga computer with the program OctaMED in Harris’s home studio, called Calvin Harris Beats Studio. All fourteen tracks on the album were written, produced and performed solely by Harris. The album starts with Colours, Nu Disco sounds mixed with something like french-electro. Then it comes Acceptable in the 80’s, this song is very electro, the lyrics are splendid too, this is an excellent song! I Created Disco, reminds me the song from Cars – Run because his dark beat. Disco Heat and Love Souvenir, have the style of Daft Punk – Digital love inside but with some RnB mixing. Definitely, for an album that was developed in just one computer and with just one person involved in it, is a descent album that cemented the road for his future success, leading them to the best and top paid DJ in the world.

Calvin Harris was better at the Beginning, Ready for the Weekend is full of great tunes. (Download Link Inside)

Calvin - Front

A few musicians maintain their good taste and production on the level, and Calvin Harris is one of the musicians that started well and became great as time passes. This time we will go back in time to the second album release, that hit the first place in the UK’s at that time. For this album he has worked with top artists like Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Dizziee Rascal.

The Rain starts with vocals and a characteristic retro style, making this song a very clubber song. The lyrics complete the tune: “These are the good times in your life,so put a smile and it will be alright”. Ready for the Weekend and Stars come out are two very fashion disco track, the sound of what Nu Disco is made of. You used to hold me is now a uplifting classic. Flashback, you listen this song and at the first seconds you know it will be great: An excellent combination of vocals, bass and piano that turns into progressive ’til Calvin drop the bomb. And it continues dropping that bomb now, almost 10 years later.

So here is the link: Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend 320 kbps