Global Underground 013 – Sasha Ibiza

There are some mixes that are in some way as a magical trip to the past, in this case we are going to be driven there from some legendary DJs, an Sasha is one of them:

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[Download] The Niu Disco Sound of Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia [Spotify, Youtube and Torrent]

When the year 00’s started we had Daft Punk as some kind of pioneers in the disco funk revival era, along with Jamiroquai, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kylie Minogue and some other great artists; since then the niu disco sound stayed among us.

With this album Dua Lipa explores the niu disco sound that is now, 20 years later, in the mainstream again: the album starts with Future Nostalgia, a song that could be easily be confused with some tune from Jamiroquai. It continues with Don’t Start Now, a song that sounds like the calvin harris harris tunes back then when he was still disco, a great tune i have to say! Hallucinate is the best song in this album, it has all the right niu disco sounds in it, it will really make you dance.

I leave you the links here:

Future Nostalgia Torrent Download Link:

[OST] GTA Vice City Fever 105 FM Disco Music Soundtrack Full Album [Youtube, Spotify, Torrent]

GTA Vice City Fever 105 Full Album Music Soundtrack

If you liked the disco vibe, or had discovered it while playing Grand Theft Auto a.k.a. GTA Vice City, then this playlist is for you: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Fever 105 fm, that plays this type of music, but, if you play it while you are driving be careful to not cause traffic jams or outrages!

This is the great playlist:

  • 1 – The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On
  • 2 – Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know
  • 3 – Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night
  • 4 – Pointer Sisters – Automatic
  • 5 – Rene’ & Angela – I’ll Be Good
  • 6 – Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
  • 7 – Rick James – Ghetto Live
  • 8 – Michael Jackson – Wanna be starting something
  • 9-Shame-Evelyn “Champagne” King
  • 10 – Teena Marie – Behind the Groove
  • 11 – Juicy Fruit – Mtume
  • 12 – Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
  • 13 – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Indeep

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[Download] Breakbot – Still Waters Full Album [Spotify, Youtube and Torrent]

Breakbot still waters album cover

After the big hit with its first album “By Your Side”, Breakbot retiro de urned 4 years later, now as a French House Superstar, joined with his friend Irfane, with this album called “Still Waters”. The album starts with his best tune “Back For More” that has the typical sound of breakbot, an uplifting niu disco tune perfect for a night.

“Arrested” is a slower disco track, but sounds great if you are driving to the beach, still has the classic breakbot sound that makes you move, joined with the voice of Yasmin and Irfane, it is great!

“All it Takes” has the danceable disco sound back in it, after a few so -so tunes, an easy listening tune, i can hear it in a remixed version that can take this version to another level.

Breakbot and Irfane Still Waters album cover alternative

“Wet Dream” is an interesting piece of music that takes you into a pool day, you can hear kids playing around, background voices, splashes and the piano sound from breakbot, it is great! just too short.

Well those are the best tracks for me, i really loved more its first album, but this is a good one too.

Youtube Playlist:

Spotify Playlist:

[Review] Japan Sinks 2020 [Netflix]

As far as i have been seeing anime, i know how to recognize a good one: the script.

In the first episode, the chapter starts ok, even though the animation is completely bad, you are captured by the intense destruction of many cities in Japan, but then, when the main family get together, the story fades out incredible bad, one character dies in every chapter for no reason, and with no more explanation, like a bad copy of Game of Thrones.

Given that the animation is bad, the script fades out and the characters die for no other reason than to eliminate people, you should not see this bad anime in Netflix. For real.