Sly and the Family Stone – There’s a Riot Goin’ On

Real Funk! One of the greatest bands of Funk all the time. There is no one like Sly and his family. This time the album is There’s a Riot Goin’ On, in response to Marvin Gaye‘s album What’s Goin’ on?. 1971, out in the market were Led Zeppelin IV, Who’s Next, What’s goin on, Hunky Dory from David Bowie, L.A. Woman from The Doors!!! and Imagine from John Lennon. There was a lot of competition for the Family Stone but besides that the album reached the number 1 in the Billboard Soul Albums.


At this time, Sly and The Family were facing different kind of Troubles: missed deadlines for new music, relationship among the members were deteriorating and cocaine consumption. All this troubles combined led to the drummer Gregg Errico‘s to leave the band in the beginning of 1971. With this in mind, let’s hear the album!

1. Luv n Haight: At the first time i hear this song i though that i was listening to his song in their previour album Stand! But i have to say that the bass sounds more aggressive. Good combination of funky and soul, the song is very good! It has the sixties soul sound in it!

2. Just like a baby: The sound in this song is more actual let’s say, for that time of course, i feel the sexiness that Marvin Gaye has in his tracks, and i feel that this song is inspired in their music. Groovy and soul in this! At the middle of the song there is a solo that is just amazing. Great tune!

8. Smilin’: The sound in this track gives me a relaxed state of mind,  i can close my eyes waving my head enjoying the music, the sound is relaxed and goes more to a soul song. Great tune!

9. Time: In the line with the last song, this tune follow the soul and kind of blue theme on it. The bassline drums and vocals presents a relaxed aura and can transport you into a mental travel to the sixties again, to a bar without lights, to a smooth place. Great!

10. Spaced Cowboy: I don’t know why this song is named in this way but maybe this title to the Jamiroquai album “The Return of the Space Cowboy”.  The track follow the soul line that the previous songs were giving. Good tune but just that.

12. “Thank You for Talkin’ to Me Africa“: This song is recognized as one of the most influential funk song of all the time. Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin was the only track that the Family Stone and Sly recorded before their gap and their problems, and i can feel the difference in the bass here, because their original bassist was still in the band for this song. According to previous investigation: “The lyrics can be interpreted as a summation of both the career of Sly and the Family Stone to date, as well as a portrait of the era at the transition from the 1960s into the 1970s.  The song features co-lead vocals from Sly StoneRose StoneFreddie Stone, and Larry GrahamBassist Larry Graham, prominently uses the then-new technique of slap bass on this recording.” 

So, that was the close for this great soul album, Sly and the Family Stone, a sad album if you compare them to previous work, but that have very powerful funk sound in their best moments. Here is the link for download: There’s a riot going on.

See ya!!

Marvin Gaye – Midnight Love



Hi world!! Whatsapp?? hehe. I reviewed the last time the disc of this artist that figures in the “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”. Well this time i make the review about his last album, just before he died killed by his own father. Talking about this album, it claimed the number one on the list of albums of the year from the british magazine NME despite the troubles that Marvin was experiencing (a drug problem, debts, failure in his marriages and finally a lost of his equipment). Let’s listen the album and talk about the results later:

1. Midnight Lady: Bongos and a guitar riff at the beginning of this uptempo and happy soul song. The voice of Marvin sounds great accompanied by an excellent performance of the band, he uses very well the up and down of his voice to create a fun song. This song is filled with a variety of instruments, i can hear some bass guitar, guitar, trumpets, piano synth and even a progressive drum at the end of this song, all of this combined generates and transmit and aura of happyness. Good song! 4/5

2. Sexual Healing: I don’t know how to use the words to describe this song. Pure soul here, one of the best in the history of Soul Music, is very impressive the combination of instruments that creates an aura of sensuality, a perfect song! We can hear here the perfect performance of Gaye in the vocals with notes that are hard to reach joined with a perfect guitar riff, bassline, claps, second guitar, bass guitar, drums and a chorus. This song is amazing! For real, if you never had listen to this song do it right now, you are missing something big. When this track was released, all the attention from the R&B listeners was atracted to Marvin again.  This song reached the number-one on the Hot Black Singles Chart becoming the fastest-rising R&B single in five years!  and even successfully crossed over to pop audiences and reaching to the number-three on the Billboard Hot 100. Later on, Billboard commented that among only two other singers – Aretha Franklin and Madonna – Gaye became the only male artist to place a song on every position of the Hot 100’s top ten listings. Eventually staying at number-one on the R&B chart for a total of ten consecutive weeks, the song would become the longest-running number-one single on that chart during the entire decade later selling over a million copies. The RIAA would later certified “Sexual Healing” as aplatinum single. So, what you are expecting to listen this? 894948483/5!

3. Rockin’ After Midnight: Excellent groove in this song since the beginning. You can hear some snapping fingers joined with an excellent bass guitar an amazing trumpet sound. The song has a fast tempo, the snapping fingers then turns to claps, and enters the voice of Marvin sayin “Will be rockin after midnight!”, this is another excellent soul song!  The song makes an excellent progression that can be noted because the force of the bassline, the drums and the trumpets increase while the song goes on. My ears are entranced by this perfect, amazing, incredible song! the touch of gold is the saxo at the end of the song mixed at the same level with the voice of Marvin and the snapping fingers again! 5/5!!!! EXCELLENT!

4. ‘Til Tomorrow: A downtempo beat in the beginning joined with the string of the guitar and the voice of Marvin that talks about love, this song sounds like the song Save the Children from the last album in this blog. This song is very relaxing, you can listen to it when you are in your home at night. Sounds good but not so great as the others. 3.5/5

5. Turn on Some Music: You can say that one song is brilliant just with the first minutes and this is one of this songs! The beginning enters with a perfect arragement of strings, the voice of Marvin and a bass line that joined creates the perfect sexy and smooth aura. This song is perfect! You can feel the soul, all the instruments fit perfect in the song. I am impressed by the sound of the strings of the piano, trumpets, the bassline and the Saxo! Groove, groove! Great Song! 7/5

6. Joy: This song has the sound of a Rock and Roll song, make me remember Elvis Presley and all the songs from the 50’s. This song is very fast, uptempo in all the instruments since the piano, the bass guitar, and the voice of Marvin. Is a good song that talks about the girl that he loves. It’s ok but doesn’t follows the Soul theme of the album. 3/5

7. Third World Girl: A weird beginning with some jungle screams haha, the dub sound follows a kinda reggae style of song, i can hear a combination of instruments since the bassline from the computer til the sound of the guitar string! A great song because it goes progressive while the song goes on and on. This song was a tribute to Bob Marley because it was recorded after his death in the same year. It has a Great Jamaica fresh sound! Great! 4/5

8. My love is Waiting: This song begins with Marvin saying thanks, and then enters the sound of the bassline arragement with the characteristic guitar strings playing soul, a perfect soul! This song is just breath taking, it involves you in the sound that generates, and could make you feel sexy, feel good and make you enjoy the life. this song was issued initially as a b-side to “Sexual Healing” in the UK but the song received a positive response from UK fans that it was also issued as a single eventually peaking at number-thirty-four. This song is amazing, the arragements are incredible with the sound of the trumpets and the relaxing voice of Marvin that goes progressive from the minute 4:00! Just incredible! 8/5!

This album is just amazing! despite of all the problems that Marvin was dealing, despite all the bad moments he give us this perfect album! all the tracks on it are great! full of Soul! I love this album! and the world too, because Midnight Love peaked at number-seven on the Billboard 200 and number-one on the Black Albums chart, this  becomes an eighth number-one album on that chart and his first number-one on that chart since 1977!. It eventually sold over three million US copies certifying the album as triple -platinum while selling a total of six million albums worldwide, it also became a worldwide hit peaking at number-four on the UK Albums chart.

Despite that when the album comes out Michael Jackson was becoming the Mainstream star and the competition from Lionel Richie, from the critics we can know that The album yielded a few R&B-charted singles – “Joy“, which peaked at number-thirty-one on the chart while the album’s lone ballad, “‘Til Tomorrow“, rose as high as number-seventy-eight. The album was ranked #37 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 greatest albums of the 80’s!! Something that i can perceive from the album front is that Marvin was sad, it want to appear Happy and Smiling but his eyes denotes something different. And then he pass away. A big lost of the world of soul. He makes history with all his albums and closed perfectly with a gold like this.

So that’s all, here is the link (for promo only):

Download: Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind

Hello there again!! This time i’m  bringing to you this album from Nina Simone called “Wild is The Wind“. This album is in the list of “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”.  Something interesting (at least for me) is that Nina Simone’s true name is Eunice Kathleen Waymon and she wanted to be the first black women concert pianist, but instead of that she worked in Jazz, Blues, Soul, Folk and RnB because of the racial prejudice that was so strong back in that era and that’s the reason behind the style of her songs, that seems so influenced from Bach and the classical music. Definitively, his style and performance made history, Nina has influenced many artists in the world (Christina Aguilera). This album is the 18th from 43 albums, a very extensive career hah? The bests songs in this album are: I love your lovin’ ways: it made me remind the old west movies with sounds from blues, just a piano,drums and a bass, is all what you need. What more can i say is a soft song, the strings of a bass with a low tempo, a perpetual accord from the piano and the progression of the drums makes this song a romantic song that melts perfectlywith the excellent performance of Nina. That’s all i ask, great performance, great band, touches of piano, bass, all the instruments involved make this the best song in the album! Break down and let it all out: brilliant!! Why keep on breaking my heart: The lyrics are incredible! Wild is the wind: Nina turns blue for this slow tempo, sad song, that evidence a lost. I have to say that the voice of Nina and her performance are brilliant! I definitively want to hear more from her.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

Cover of "What's Going on"

Cover of What's Going on


Hello Again! This time i bring to you this álbum from Marvin Gaye, considered the best álbum of Soul in the History. With this album, Gaye wished to sidestep the sound that made him and others famous during Motown’s untouchable 60s run, trading in that trademark big, bright beat for laid-back grooves inspired by Duke Ellington, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, and Santana. And not only was the album a coming-out party for Gaye as a producer and songwriter, he found his signature voice– soft, floating, airy– on What’s Going On, too. “I felt like I’d finally learned to sing,” he told to the biographer David Ritz. “I’d been studying the microphone for a dozen years, and I suddenly saw what I’d been doing wrong. I’d been singing too loud.”

Much has been made of What’s Going On’s political bent, and it’s true that the music was partially inspired by Marvin’s brother Frankie, who had come back from a three-year tour of Vietnam, along with troublingly violent episodes like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kent State shootings that saw four students killed by national guardsmen. Songs like peace-espousing title track and “What’s Happening Brother“, which finds Gaye expressing a war veteran’s helplessness upon returning home, show Marvin’s dismay toward his country and government. But this album isn’t just a protest time capsule. Far from it. Gaye’s disappointment isn’t just societal, it’s personal as well. During this period, the singer had lost his duet partner and dear friend, Tammi Terrell, and his marriage to Gordy’s sister Anna was violently breaking down, and he was being tailed by the IRS for unpaid back taxes. His resulting depression is evident throughout; What’s Going On isn’t a fiery album filled with timely sloganeering. Part of its long-lasting appeal involves an element of true-to-life resignation. “Who’s willing to try to save a world/ That’s destined to die,” he sings on “Save the Children”, pinpointing an American melancholia– a mix of world-saving power and funereal inevitability– that endures today. With that in mind, let’s start!

  1. What’s Going on: This song critices the war, the abuse of the pólice and the scarce of redistribution between social clases. All of this performed by an excellent Marvin Gaye, and excelent sounds of the band bringing an aura of relax. 4/5
  2. 2.       What’s  Happening Brother: Good beginnig, a bongo a sweet female vocal and the string of a guitar creates a perfect atmosphere. The performance of Marvin here is perfect, asking worried for the problems that any common man in the city could have. 4/5
  3. 3.       Flyin’ High: pure soul in the intro of this song, very harmonic very sensual strings. All the song is accompannied by some touches of xilophon, a slower tempo for the song with an excellent performance from Marvin as usual. 4/5
  4. 4.       Save the children: This is a song that talks about the future, is a relevant song. The future of the kids of tomorrow in that era, with a request to save the planet for all the bad feelings in the people. Excellent song for his content, also with a great performance of Marvin and his band. But i don’t really love the song, there is something that is missed. 3/5
  5. 5.       God is Love: Here we can see the catolic side of Marvin and his influence from the chorus in the church that he once conformed. Good rhythm. 4/5
  6. 6.       Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology): Excellent and brilliant start, the vocals from Marvin sound relaxed followed by a good performance of his band, using percussion, strings and piano. Sophisticated sounds, a sexy Groove with a Saxo at the middle of the song and the chorus of woman makes this song delicious. Great! 4.5/5.
  7. 7.       Right On: INCREDIBLE SOUND! I felt like if i was in the movie “Ocean’s Eleven”. A delicious sound of flute in the background a jazzy sound from the band and lyrics that protest from the difference between social clases makes and calls for the love between all the human, the twist in the minute 5 to a smoother sound with a sensual saxo makes this song the best of all the disc! Excellent! 5/5
  8. 8.       Wholy Holy: In this song Marvin reveals his desire for the people to be united with God, and believe what the religión says about a live in comunion with the people. This is a downtempo song. Not bad but not so good enough. 2.5/5
  9. 9.       Inner City Blues (Make me wanna Holler): The bongo sounds are united with xilophone and saxophone creating an atmosphere of relax and poetry, very harmonic song. The lyrics refers to a live in a city where you can’t live well and you are fulled with obligations and taxes. Here we can see the side of Marvin more sticked to the blues.

His marijuana-soaked delivery, along with the album’s mutating, percussion-fueled rhythms, majestic strings, and jazzy horns, give the affair levity. Perhaps this smooth front also has to do with the fact that Gaye was “hardly an activist in the traditional sense,” while his Vietnam-battered brother was an emotional catalyst, Gaye had neglected to send him one letter during his army stint. And though he was certainly aware of the Detroit race riot that left 43 people dead in 1967, he viewed the sad display on TV from his cushy home on the outskirts of town. Not to say Gaye didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the progressive observations found on What’s Going On, but his relative distance from his subjects allows him to fly over top of them, providing a healing pulse to the disarray below, creating an album as timeless as this one.

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