Download: The Doors Discography

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Long life to the King Lizard! I love The Doors, i love their music, i love their vibe, i love the era that they belong to. This discography is a must have, i think that all the albums that has Jim Morrison in it is a must have, the other ones are just for the experts and the true fans. In American Prayer there is a great track too. But well, here i leave the links for you: The Doors – The Doors: The Doors – Strange Days: The Doors – Waiting for the Sun: The Doors – The Soft Parade: The Doors – Morrison Hotel: The Doors – LA Woman: The Doors – Other Voices: The Doors – An American Prayer:

Download: The Doors – Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1968 (Audience Recording)

Another gem for all of you, this time are The Doors in their Live at the Hollywood Bowl concert. This recording is different of the album released in 1987 that was completely edited and overdubbed and only included Wake Up, Light My Fire, Unknown Soldier, A Little Game, The Hill Dwellers, Spanish Caravan and Live My Fire (edit of live version), this tape includes the recording from the audience including all the poems that Jim Morrison recited that day, and incredible arrangements for their well known songs.

It was the best performance of the entire band, opening with “When the music is over” with a rare introduction from Ray, and the excellent vocal performance of Jim, that plays with the public and is entirely focused in the performance. Then enters the mix between “Alabama song” “Five to one” and “Back door man”, followed by “Moonlight Drive” , and in the middle of it Jim recites “Horse Latitudes” and after that enters  “A little game”. At the end Jim screams “Wake Up!” giving the beginning to a very special version of “Light My Fire” and taking the path for a final incredible closing version of “The end”, and a little version of “When the music is over” again to completely finish the show. This show is a gem as I said before.

Set List:
01. House Announcer
02. When The Music’s Over
03. Alabama Song
04. Back Door Man
05. Five to One
06. Back Door Man #2
07. Hello, I Love You
08. Moonlight Drive
09. A Little Game
10. Spanish Caravan
11. Wake Up!
12. Light My Fire
13. Unknown Soldier
14. The End

15. When The Music’s Over.

Here is the link, for your pleasure: The Doors – Live at the Hollywood Bowl