Nirvana – Live at the Paramount

This time I give to all of you something special: Nirvana! The good old garage band that everyone loved and their concert at Theatre in Seattle were they played all their well known songs from Smells like teen spirit to Rape Me. The show is from 1991, on the Halloween night of that year. All the songs in here good ones, I will not do an analysis of the entire album because all now already the different Nirvana’s songs.

The album shows the best moment in the career of Nirvana, having reached the gold in sells for Nevermind and having dethroned the Michael Jackson album of that year, you can listen to this album and feel like you are in the concert and being part of the crowd. Here is the link for promo only:

The Vines – Highly Evolved

I will try this time with something a Little more new, kind of It, THE VINES! And his debut album Highly Evolved! Yeahh. The Australians plays Garage Rock Revival, and they sound great at it! Really, I listened to them years before and they sounded great. I have read that they are constantly compared with Nirvana, and I don’t know if they could deserve that. Let see the line up: Craig Nicholls – vocals, guitar, percussion, piano (“Homesick”) and cover painting. Patrick Matthews – organ (“Autumn Shade” and “In the Jungle”), bass guitar, piano (“Mary Jane”, “Autumn Shade” and “Factory”). Dave Oliffe – drums on “Highly Evolved”, “Autumn Shade”, “Outtathaway“, “Sunshinin'”, “Homesick” (outro only), “Country Yard”, “Mary Jane” and “1969”. Victor Indrizzo – drums on “In the Jungle”. Joey Waronker – drums on “Get Free”. Pete Thomas – drums on “Factory”, “Ain’t No Room” and “Homesick”. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – keyboards (“Highly Evolved”, “Outtathaway”, “Sunshinin'” and “Autumn Shade”).

Praised as one of the best albums in 2002, let’s hear it!!!

1. Highly Evolved: The opening track begins with a characteristic garage sound but more fine-tuned. The voices are great, and the rage in the guitars sounds incredible! Really, I hear something from Nirvana in the way that they play, and the vocals from Craig sounds like Liam Gallagher. This song gives me a shot of adrenaline.

3.    Outtathaway: Great tune! Really, from the beginning the voice is so torn that It makes me furious and with adrenaline, I can listen this song while I drive or racing and could set me in the perfect mood for that. The band plays great! Progressive song til the end. Great!

6.    Get Free: What I can say about this song that was not said yet? One of the greates songs in my university days, at least it gives me the concentration that I needed for the tests!  INCREDIBLE SONG!!! If you haven’t listened yet, do it right and stop listen that Gangnam Style song!!

9.    In the Jungle: Yeahhhh!! Here they are with they rage again, I like their songs in that way. Also the tempo of this track is not flat, it goes faster and then slower and the faster again, that gives me the feeling that they are influenced by Pink Floyd, but mixed with Nirvana again. Great tune! Excelent guitar riffs!

10. Mary Jane: I didn’t like his soft songs but in this song the guitar riff is incredible. It gives me a neutral state of mind, a relaxed one. I hear something from Stereophonics really similar, the tone of the voice is not similar but they sing in the same way in this song. I hear something from Jet too. Is a good smooth song that deserves credit. Hey hey wait! When I thought that is all, from the minute 5 there is a great session covering from guitar, piano and synth! Good!

12.  1969: The final track, sounds good for this album. The way that they play is very similar to The Verve in this track, relaxed vocals, rage in the guitar riff but mixed with soft drums playing. This track takes me back to 1990 where The Verve was in their best moment, playing with his soft sound that creates a particular relaxed state of mind, and were you feel that nothing can go wrong.

So that was all for this album, all the tracks are good, but the really good ones are the selected in this post, at least in my opinion. The Vines, great band great album! Listen to them! (For promo only):