Download: Coldplay – Ghost Stories


Hi everyone! it has been a long time since my last post, and i’m back with one of my favorite rock band! they always have the perfect songs to make me feel alive, sad, with joy and happy, and this time their new album has the collaboration from musical monsters like Avicii, Timbaland, Madeon, and the incredible Jon Hopkins! With these artists by their side is sure that they have a great product!

Written at a time when Chris Martin was having a difficult time with his love, i think that this will influence very well the lyrics and the feeling in the songs.


When i began to listen to the album, the first tune called “Always on my mind” had the style of the albums previous to Mylo Xyloto, like the style that they had in X & Y or A Rush of Blood to the Head. The second tune “Magic” has great beats! i liked it a lot. I listened the following tracks and the next one that like me was “Midnight”, i can hear the sounds of a track from Jon Hopkins clearly, a very ethereal song, perfect for listening at 3 am in the morning!  Another song that i liked was “Oceans”, again this tune remind me the style they had back in their first album “Parachutes”, the guitar riff and the electronic bassline arrangement  were incredible! ohhh! and then the beach sounds at the end just took me to paradise! it was perfect! And the closing track “O” was the most beatiful for me, the piano and the lyrics really make me feel sad, just like when you are in love and think about the possible time when you and that person special for you could no longer be together, and you feel scared about that, and melancholic about that, and sad about that…and if the lyrics and the piano were not enough you could listen to the hidden track at the end, it will take you into a sweet ride.

Well, that was it for this album, is what you could expect from Coldplay, it was great to listen to new tunes from them, and i hope i can see them one time in concert! Until that, i leave you the download link! Bye!

Coldplay – Ghost Stories

Radiohead – In Rainbows


One of my favorite albums from Radiohead, i remember very well the release of this album because they sold it via internet and the price for it was not defined, you could pay for it what you wanted. This was the first album that the band released after the break of their contract with EMI Music, they released it independently with much trouble in the process.

Released on 2007, this album was recorded in two years. It has some jewels as “BodySnatchers” – a perfect song for the rush in a working morning-, “Nude” – a perfect sad song-, but the most incredible track that i ever heard: “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” – i mean, the ethereal guitar riff, the voice of Thom Yorke, the in crescendo of the chords that put up you in the sky and that lets you levitate for a second, sumerged in the deep of your thoughs, and suddenly breaks your peace with the weird sound of the synth and the voice of Yorke that tells you “Scape, Scape” and make you fall to the earth again, magnific for me-.


Reckoner” is another great song for me, the use of the piano and the voice of Yorke is really great here, the way that the band builds up the tension and use something like violins or chelos really demonstrates the quality of their sound, a very mature sound. “Jigsaw Falling into Place” reminds me of “The wolf at the door”, they show their most indie side in this tune. This album is one of the best works that they have, you should listen to it, i mean it.


For your pleasure, as usual, i leave the direct download link for the album here. Radiohead – In Rainbows (direct download): Radiohead – In Rainbows

Radiohead – Ok Computer

Our friends of Radiohead again! Now with their album Ok Computer, third album by the way released in 1997 while outside were The Verve with Urban Hymns (An incredible album also), Bjork with Homogenic, Foo Fighters with The Colour and the shape, between  others. This album was considered as the best album of the year, reaching the number 1 in UK, so I expect to listen something at that rate. There is said that this album changed the way that the Britpop were developing, turning into a more melancholic and ethereal sound in many groups like Coldplay, The Verve and Yo la Tengo.

Starting from Bitches Brew of Miles Davis and A Day in The Life by The Beatles, Yorke said that “the band hoped to achieve an atmosphere that’s perhaps a bit shocking when you first hear it, but only as shocking as the atmosphere on The Beach Boys‘ Pet Sounds” –Another good album too- So that preview us the style of the album perfectly, now let’s listen to it:

  1. Airbag: I like how the album begins, the guitar riffs and the drums set the feeling of the melancholic style that characterizes our friends. This song can be listened at any time, it could give you some flood of fresher sensation and a new begin: “I am born again, In a fast german car, I’m amazed that I survived, An airbag saved my life, In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the universe” are lyrics that signals a new chance, a new opportunity, a new day. The song has very interesting sounds at the finish of it also, great song.
  2. Paranoid Android: Influenced by “Happiness is a warm gun” by the Beatles and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, this song takes his name from Marvin, the paranoid android written by Douglas Adams. I have to say that I listened and watched the video of this song when I was I child and it scared me in some way. This song is well known as it was one of the most successful songs in the album because his good arrangements: at the minute 04:21 enters in a slow tempo time (that was the part that scared the shit out of me haha) until the 05:21 minute that the song becomes faster and has a incredible progress until the final explode at the end.
  3. Subterranean homesick alien: I love the way that Radiohead creates this atmospheric sound, the beginning of this song makes me travel, and the voice of Yorke relaxes me in a great way., all of this surrounded with ethereal guitar riffs generates and incredible song, one of the best in this album. The name is taken from “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan, and is generated from the question: How you’ll see the earth if you were and alien? This song is incredible!
  4. Exit Music (For a film): I like this song for his lyrics and his relaxed guitar riff. The ethereal sound at the beginning of the song contrasts perfectly with the electronic sound that is in middle of the song, creating an in crescendo state joined to the voice of Yorke, the song takes you on a seesaw that is a down-up-and down again to a great finish. Great song!
  5. Let down: I can’t believe that this album is filled with great songs, this is another great song! The guitar riffs and piano arrangement that are at the beginning of it generates in you the feeling of freedom and freshness, all of it has incredible guitar strings played in an amazing way from Jony Greenwood, you have to listen to this! Great!
  6. Karma Police: Another incredible song well known now, is incredible for me how this band reached their best moment in this album, all the way through until now. Inspired by some jokes in the band: “Now matter what you do, at the end the karma police will come to reach you”, in this song is noted their debt to Sexy Sadie by The Beatles because of their use of the chord progression of the acoustic guitar and the piano, is an incredible tune that you have to listen!
  7. No Surprises: this is a lovely song, the sound makes you happy J is like when you get paid and you get out and everything in the world is ok! Is like that, if you can listen to this song when you see a rainbow in the sky it would be the perfect moment in life I could say. No surprises is a surprise, a gift for our souls from Radiohead. I really love this tune.

Finishing the album is The Tourist, a song that sounds to me like a song from Coldplay, but it was ok. Good tune, but not so good as the other ones, Radiohead closes an album that was one of the greatest in the decade of the 90’s filling his album with incredible piece of music that remarks their legend status and their best moment as a band. That will be all for now, here is the link (for promo only:

Radiohead – Hail to the Thief

Other of my favorites groups at this time, our friends from Radiohead brings us their sixth studio album with their characteristic sound that falls between jazz, electronic and rock, they reached the No.1 in the UK as they did with previous works. Released in 2003, amongst their competitors were Elephant from The White Stripes, Absolution from Muse, Room on Fire from The Strokes, Fever to tell from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, between others; pretty good competition for this album that had been qualified at Number 3 between the best albums in that year.  There was said that “Hail to the Thief isn’t a protest album, and that’s why it works so well, as with great Radiohead records past, such as Kid A, the music — restlessly, freakishly inventive — pushes politics far into the background”. Certainly, this album has lyrics that touch political themes but also make you think, something that characterizes our friends.  Without more intros, let start:

  1. “2+2=5”: The album begins the sound of Jonny Greenwood plugging his guitar, making us realize that the band will begin to play soon. As the song start, the ethereal voice with the electronic beats that characterizes our friend are classical in their songs and, following that, makes us expect for the rage entrance of the band. They do that at the middle of the song!  There is an incredible sound that progress as the song goes on! The lyrics “Payin’ attention! Payin’ attention!” enters in your mind like a drill! Terrific begin for the album! Incredible!
  2. “Sit Down. Stand Up” The atmospheric sound that Radiohead usually performs is here again, with the ethereal voice of Thom Yorke and the minimal electronic sounds that creates a creepy sound and makes us wait for the entrance of the rage band, and they do it at the minute 3 of the song, giving a dynamic and disorder progression to the song. Very well. This song makes me trip.
  3. Sail to the Moon”: Incredible strings in this low tempo song at the beginning that are followed by the ethereal voice of Yorke and a piano arrangement; this song relaxes you and can make you travel in your head if you want it to. The political theme of the album is seen here: “Maybe you’ll be president but know right from wrong or in the flood you’ll build an Ark and sail us to the moon”. A perfect ethereal song.
  4. “Where I End and You Begin”: A progressive sound of the guitar give me the feeling that this will be a great song. The electronic sound involves the voice creating in that way a perfect harmony, and the song just goes better and better! “I will eat you alive, there will be no more lie” Rounds an incredible song! Great!
  5. Scatterbrain: After a sequence of songs that are just there comes this song that reminds us the sound that Radiohead had in their Kid A album with the guitar and the vocals sound very similar to “How to disappear completely”, the song gives us this melancholic and sad feeling. All the song has a down tempo beat finishing with a smooth guitar riff.
  6. A wolf at the door: The final track enters with a sad synth arrangement, I feel the voice of Thom here similar to Chris Martin from Coldplay, but more flat, even like Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, and all the band just play like them at the beginning of the song until the middle of it turning into their sound, taking the song from a slow tempo to a progressive up beat tempo that is just ok for the end. “…Rather than waking you up and it’s like ‘uhh, it’s all been a lovely dream’… no, it’s all been a nightmare and you need to go and get a glass of water now…”

That song finishes the album, closing it and giving us a final flood of Radiohead, representing their characteristic soul: ethereal sounds that can make you travel in your chair, as you walk or in you sleep. That’s all for now, thank you for read.  (Here is the link, for promo only: