Download: The Doors Discography

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Long life to the King Lizard! I love The Doors, i love their music, i love their vibe, i love the era that they belong to. This discography is a must have, i think that all the albums that has Jim Morrison in it is a must have, the other ones are just for the experts and the true fans. In American Prayer there is a great track too. But well, here i leave the links for you: The Doors – The Doors: The Doors – Strange Days: The Doors – Waiting for the Sun: The Doors – The Soft Parade: The Doors – Morrison Hotel: The Doors – LA Woman: The Doors – Other Voices: The Doors – An American Prayer:

Download: The Silver Beatles – The Decca Audition


As you already know, when Ringo wasn’t in the band yet, Pete Best played the drums and they were called “The Silver Beatles” and they played the songs in this album for Decca Records. Decca rejected The Silver Beatles and this was considered  “the worst mistake in the music industry”. All the songs in the album are just covers from other bands.


My favorites tunes in the album are: Three Cool Cats, Money, Take Good Care of my Baby and Till There Was You. This is a special album for collectors.


I leave here the link to download, have fun! The Silver Beatles – The Decca Auditions.

Dropbox Link: The Silver Beatles – The Decca Audition

The Beatles – Let It Be Naked


The beatles again! And this time with the album from 2003 called Let it Be Naked! It presents the way that Paul McCartney saw the recording of the album Let It Be, because he always said that the original mixer used too many arragements, overdubs and the wall of sound technique in the original album.
But as usual, John Lennon said: “He was given the shittiest load of badly recorded shit with a lousy feeling to it ever, and he made something of it… When I heard it, I didn’t puke.”  We have to remember that when they recorded Let It Be, the tension between them was at the maximum point and for that the original album shows the disagreements between McCartney, Harrison and Lennon.


But when i heard this album i felt the original vibe that the Beatles have, the work that has been done it really brings the genious at the studio just like it was at that time, the version of “Across the Universe” is amazing, so pure here that you can feel the good vibe of Lennon. And if you listen the Fly on The Wall bonus disc, you can hear some folks having fun playing at the studio, the real beatles. This is a good album.


I leave the download link here. Have fun! The Beatles – Let it Be Naked (direct download link)

The Beatles – The Alternate Abbey Road


What can i say about the beatles that you don’t know? There is so much written about them that is a bad exercise categorize this songs. Many fans think that this album is better than the original one, i think that too! But well you have to decide. The best songs for me are:

1 Come Together (take 1)
5 Octopus’s Garden (take 32)
6 I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7 Here Comes the Sun
8 Because (take 16)
9 You Never Give Me Your Money (Unreleased take)
10 Sun King (Early mix)
12 Polythene Pam
13 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
14 Golden Slumbers (Early take)
15 Carry That Weight (Early take)
16 The End (Early Instrumental mi
20 Come and Get It (demo
22 Something (demo)
23 Old Brown Shoe (demo)
24 All Things Must Pass (demo)
25 The End (take 7)


As usual, i leave the link here for your pleasure!
The Beatles – The Alternate Abbey Road (direct download link)


The Doors – Essential Rarities

Hello again! I’m back with another special album from The Doors, our beloved band. A compiled box of unpublished studio versions, live versions and demos from the band, this album was released in 1999. You would enjoy this album, one just don’t simply get tired of this band: Hello to the cities is a vivid proof of the energy that Morrison had when he was in the stage! Break on through is performed amazingly here too, with special arrangements in the concert that they had in The Isle of Wight back in 1970.

Roadhouse Blues is a gem from this band, and here they perform live in this album. This track was recorded live at Madison Square Garden in the same year, and you can hear the best moment of Jim alive in concert. The entire band was concentrated, because the solo of guitar is absolutely Genius!

After that came Hyacinth House, the demo version of the song from the last album were Jim Morrison appears. This song reveals the unhappiness in Jim, at the time were he was tired of the band and the fame, you can listen the disappointment when he sings.

Who Scared You is another incredible song, one of the best from The Doors I could say, you have to listen the incredible blues style that the band performs and the voice of Jim follow them, or maybe at reversal. Whiskey, Mystics and Men was recorded in 1970 and it has the style that Alabama song and I Will Never Be Untrue is a relaxing song too.

In this album the versions of The End and The Soft Parade are alive and Moonlight Drive and Hello I love you are demos without the voice of Jim. The entire album is a great, brings us a side that we didn’t had seen of The Doors. An authentic piece of treasure lost in the days where the good Jim ruled. Here is the link for your pleasure.  The Doors – Essential Rareties