Download: Gustavo Cerati -Infinito


I always liked the music that Soda Stereo made, and also some tunes from the Cerati career as a solo artist, but this album showed me the great tracks that he produced at this time, he actually had some great lyrics with which i felt very identified, like in Karaoke. The passing away from Cerati was very sad for all the Soda Stereo fans because Cerati was always there, bringing us new music, exploring new styles or just singing the old Soda Stereo’s songs. These compilation show you that his music will be remembered until infinity.


The tracks that i liked most were Karaoke, Lago en el Cielo, Bocanada, Crimen and Rapto

Here’s the link for your pleasure: 

Download: Arctic Monkeys – Whatever Pleople Say I am, That’s What I’m Not


Released back in 2008, this is a basic album for anyone who loves indie rock music. The Arctic Monkeys found their best sounds here, even when this was their first album! almost all the tracks are a masterpiece. Starting from A Certain Romance, a perfect tune for a sporty sunday morning, or a great beginning of your weekend, this tune will certainly make you feel good. From the Ritz to the Rubble gives me chills, it’s such a great tune! I bet you look good on the dancefloor is a track that will be remembered in the next generations, Mardy Bum is the perfect relaxing and sarcastic song that could be used to upset your girlfriend, Perhaps Vampires is A Bit Strong But…, Red Lights Indicates Doors are Secured, Riot Van, Still take you home and finally When The Sun Goes Down, what can i say? i love almost all the tunes in this album, maybe i listened too much, or maybe and more probably they are great.


I leave you here the download link:

Download: Coldplay – Ghost Stories


Hi everyone! it has been a long time since my last post, and i’m back with one of my favorite rock band! they always have the perfect songs to make me feel alive, sad, with joy and happy, and this time their new album has the collaboration from musical monsters like Avicii, Timbaland, Madeon, and the incredible Jon Hopkins! With these artists by their side is sure that they have a great product!

Written at a time when Chris Martin was having a difficult time with his love, i think that this will influence very well the lyrics and the feeling in the songs.


When i began to listen to the album, the first tune called “Always on my mind” had the style of the albums previous to Mylo Xyloto, like the style that they had in X & Y or A Rush of Blood to the Head. The second tune “Magic” has great beats! i liked it a lot. I listened the following tracks and the next one that like me was “Midnight”, i can hear the sounds of a track from Jon Hopkins clearly, a very ethereal song, perfect for listening at 3 am in the morning!  Another song that i liked was “Oceans”, again this tune remind me the style they had back in their first album “Parachutes”, the guitar riff and the electronic bassline arrangement  were incredible! ohhh! and then the beach sounds at the end just took me to paradise! it was perfect! And the closing track “O” was the most beatiful for me, the piano and the lyrics really make me feel sad, just like when you are in love and think about the possible time when you and that person special for you could no longer be together, and you feel scared about that, and melancholic about that, and sad about that…and if the lyrics and the piano were not enough you could listen to the hidden track at the end, it will take you into a sweet ride.

Well, that was it for this album, is what you could expect from Coldplay, it was great to listen to new tunes from them, and i hope i can see them one time in concert! Until that, i leave you the download link! Bye!

Coldplay – Ghost Stories

Download: The Doors Discography

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Long life to the King Lizard! I love The Doors, i love their music, i love their vibe, i love the era that they belong to. This discography is a must have, i think that all the albums that has Jim Morrison in it is a must have, the other ones are just for the experts and the true fans. In American Prayer there is a great track too. But well, here i leave the links for you: The Doors – The Doors: The Doors – Strange Days: The Doors – Waiting for the Sun: The Doors – The Soft Parade: The Doors – Morrison Hotel: The Doors – LA Woman: The Doors – Other Voices: The Doors – An American Prayer:

Oasis – Standing on the Shoulder of Giants


The fourth studio album from Oasis is called “Standing in the shoulder of Giants”, and is a phrase that is used when somebody begins to build something or do something using past theories of knowledge from great people that lived in another time. It’s a clear reference to The Beatles as i said in past posts. At that time Oasis had lost two founding members (Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs and Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan) and this lost changed their classic sound into a more elaborated one.“The album is an effective modern psychedelic record complete with drum loopssampleselectric sitarmellotronsynthesizers and backward guitars, resulting in an album more experimental with electronica and heavy psychedelic rock influences. Songs such as “Go Let It Out“, the Indian-influenced “Who Feels Love?“, and the progressive “Gas Panic!” were a departure from the band’s earlier style.”

oasis standing in the head of shoulder

I Loved the entire album, but the tracks that i loved most: Go Let It Out, Sunday Morning Call and Roll It Over. It was a darker album possibly reflecting the times, or perhaps reflecting the loss of two original members. Noel has said, “Even though it wasn’t our finest hour, it’s a good album born through tough times. I worked harder on that album than anything before and anything since.

I leave the link of the album here, for your pleasure.

Oasis – Be Here Now (1997)


Be Here Now is the best album in the Discography of Oasis, at least for me. It is very similar to the Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band from The Beatles, the album is filled with references to the Fab 4. Actually, the album is named “Be Here Now” because that was what John Lennon said when asked to put a phrase to the 60’s era.

I have to say that since the first song to the end all the album is chained in a very good way. If you listen the Definitely Maybe and then Be Here Now you can feel the maturity in their sound.  D’you Know What I Mean, Stand by me, The Girl in The Dirty Shirt, All Around The World are songs that are classic now, anthems.

About the references from Oasis to The Beatles in the album i found: the title It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!!)  is a clear reference to the lyrics “It’s getting better all the time….i have to say it’s getting better…” from the song Getting Better. Other one was All Around The World (Reprise) similar to the Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) that also is the last song in the album.


You  can see from the image that the same number of the car in the Abbey Road Cover Album is the same as the number of the car drowning in the pool. I have to say that Oasis is trying to make clear that they came to replace the beatles. Actually, in an interview Noel  Gallagher said: “If you start a band and you don’t wanna be like The Beatles, then there’s no reason to start a band”. Also,  Liam Gallagher believe that he is the reencarnation of John Lennon.


Oh! and the last reference to The Beatles is that in the CD Impression there is a label that says:”Helter Skelter”, another clear reference. I leave the link here for your pleasure:

Oasis – Definitely Maybe


Oasis my dear reader, is the most important british group since The Beatles, and Definitely Maybe is the first album from this band. Released on 1994, twenty years ago! They want to re-release a remastered version of this album.
Here, they are polishing their sound, but they reach great points and show the plasticity of the band.


Rock and Roll Star show the characteristic guitar riff and the scream that the Gallaguer do when he sing. Live Forever is so 90’s that i get transported to that time everytime i listen to this great song. Supersonic is another great classic tune! I love Slide Away, i really love this tune! The lyrics are amazing, you can sing it to your loved one, is just perfect! And the guitar riff at the middle kills me. And the closing of the album with Married with Children is an incredible one. Definitely Maybe is a Definitely One to Have!


I leave the link here, for your pleasure.
Oasis – Definitely Maybe