[Download] One of the Best Soul Album in History: Marvin Gaye – Midnight Love [Best songs]

This was Marvin Gaye last album, just before he died killed by his own father. The album reached the number one on the list of albums of the year despite the troubles that Marvin was experiencing (a drug problem, debts, failure in his marriages and finally a lost of his equipment). The best song of all Marvin Gaye career is definitely Sexual Healing: I don’t know how to use the words to describe this song, pure soul, one of the best in the history of Soul Music, is very impressive the combination of instruments that creates an aura of sensuality with Gaye in the vocals with high notes that are hard to reach. This song reached the number-one on the Hot Black Singles Chart becoming the fastest-rising R&B single in five years! and even successfully crossed over to pop audiences and reaching to the number-three on the Billboard Hot 100. Later on, Billboard commented that among only two other singers – Aretha Franklin and Madonna – Gaye became the only male artist to place a song on every position of the Hot 100’s top ten listings. Eventually staying at number-one on the R&B chart for a total of ten consecutive weeks, the song would become the longest-running number-one single on that chart during the entire decade later selling over a million copies. Rockin’ After Midnight  is a song that inspired The Jackson 5, a perfect pure funk guitar in it with the highest notes from Gaye. Turn on Some Music, brilliant since the first minutes the voice of Marvin and a bass line that joined creates the perfect sexy and smooth aura. My love is Waiting,  another perfect soul track! This song is just breath taking, it was issued initially as a b-side to “Sexual Healing” in the UK but the song received a positive response from UK fans that it was also issued as a single eventually peaking at number-thirty-four.

This album is just amazing! despite of all the problems that Marvin was dealing, despite all the bad moments he give us this perfect album! almost all the tracks on it are great! full of Soul! I love this album! and the world too, because Midnight Love peaked at number-seven on the Billboard 200 and number-one on the Black Albums chart, this  becomes an eighth number-one album on that chart and his first number-one on that chart since 1977!. It eventually sold over three million US copies certifying the album as triple -platinum while selling a total of six million albums worldwide, it also became a worldwide hit peaking at number-four on the UK Albums chart. The album was ranked #37 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 greatest albums of the 80’s. Marvin’s death was a big lost for the soul world. He made history with all his albums and closed a perfect career with a gold album like this.

Download: Download Marvin Gaye Album Midnight Love Full Album rar

Sinatra and the beginning of Amy. First album: Frank. [Download Link Inside]

The beginning of everything, a juvenile work fused with intensity, great lyrics and jamming tunes. So, why Frank? Amy said in an interview:  “When I say ‘Frank’s in there and I don’t care,’ that is literally a Frank Sinatra CD. My dad bought me it for Christmas and I was putting all his stuff in a box, like his T-shirt that I used to sleep in. He bought me Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours (if you want to read about this classic album and download it, click here) – ironically, cos it’s one of the classic heartbreak albums of all time. Frank as a title for the album is a good word, It is frank… Dunno. Maybe with more time I would have come up with a better title, Sinatra had an emotional connection with music. That was his thing. He had the tone in his voice. But singers? I know a hundred singers that piss on Frank. And musicians. And just as a person: he was an arsehole. But he had an emotional connection to songs that touched everyone, women, men, soldiers”.  

Amy then, tried to do as well as the great jazz musician did at their time, and she started with excellent tunes like Stronger Than Me where the voice of Amy shines accompanied by an excellent band, You Sent Me Flying, a piano and djs scratching, piano in the background and the voice of Amy behind and wrapped together fused in a audio heaven tune. The Lyrics on I Heard Love Is Blind makes you think about an infidelity and what love really is. Finally, Mr. Magic (Through the Smoke) closes the album with a guitar riff solo with a jazzy funky style and ending the song with trumpets in a fantastic way. This album has a style of “glossy admixture of breezy funk, dub and jazz-inflected soul” that is just breathtaking.

amy frank vinyl

Download Amy Winehouse – Frank Album here:

And listen it in Spotify here: Amy Winehouse – Frank on Spotify

Download: Back to Black, the best album of Amy Winehouse [RnB]

Amy Winehouse, or the last great voice in jazz music made this genius album right back from a hard breakup with his all time love. This pain gave her the inspiration to create an album that, in fact, spanned generations. Heavily influenced by the classic soul of Etta James, the rebellious doo-wop of The Shangri-Las and The Ronettes and just a touch of Slick RickWinehouse’s sophomore album Back to Black came at the perfect time. Rehab was Winehouse’s breakthrough single, the song that turned her into a cultural reference point. Another great song is Me and Mr. Jones, vintage jazzy style in this song, can transport you back to the olds 50’s, when the war was over and the people watched movies in the car. Just FriendsBack to Black and Love is a Losing Game are the best examples of what amy was feeling at that time: the blue of the love that was lost.

Back to black it’s a suicide note set to music, and unfortunately one that proved to be only too real. Tragically it was her pain, the same pain that directly or indirectly lead to her death, that made her music so compelling. It’s a terrible price to pay for a classic album, but I prefer to believe that at the least she’s free now.

If you want to download the album: Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

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Why you should listen to Ne-yo – Champagne Life album?

Hello there, i just heard this album from Ne Yo,  and i have to say that i liked this track called Champagne life. this track is good, good lyrics and good beat. Ne-yo singing about the life of the dreams, champagne, relax and sexy woman all the time.  The song Drinks Up follows the same line, back to the lyrics about the champagne life and the party. Then cames this excellent song called Super High, the best tune in the album! with the style of the old school hip hop. Great rhythm. Finally, the last reason for listen to this album is Rock with you, a song with a very different vibe because this song was written for Janet Jackson and has a disco vibe in it.

The download link is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nridphy6aalxqhe/Ne-Yo—Champagne-Life-2010-MIXFIEND.rar