Download: Pharrell Williams – G I R L (Deluxe Edition)


The new from Pharrell dear sirs! I have been waiting so long for this album because i remember when i was 15 years old and listened to the music from this man and at that time was hot! So i guess with the years he just get better. And he demonstrates that in the latests tunes with Daft Punk Loose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky. Let’s see what he got this time!

Brand New has a collaboration with Justin Timberlake! And the bassline combined with the funky guitar riff are a really great match!  it has the style that Timberlake use to do with trumpets and claps, this has a great funky style! I could use this song in a sunny morning to set a good mood! Great. Gush is the perfect tune to set a sexy mood! Just my kind of style here, the lyrics, the bassline and the guitar riff are just perfect! i listen here the influence from Michael Jackson. With lyrics that says: “…Do you wanna get dirty girl? I like that ass on fire…” Another great funky tune here. Listen to it. Happy is already a top tune around the world, what more can i say? Gust of Wind is another perfect tune with the best from the Disco Era in it! The tempo, the great funky bassline and even a collaboration with Daft Punk! this one is a perfect track! It follows the style that Daft Punk setted in Get Lucky too. There is a hidden track, or a second part in the song Lost Queen that i liked after the sounds of the beach dissapear begins a very sexy bassline, just like the style that i love. The voice of Pharrell accompanies very well the style, sounds like a Timberlake tune. Great part!

Pharrell Williams - GIRL

I really enjoyed the album cause it has a fresh funky style, the collabs are amazing and the different style that the songs has are amazing. A worth to listen album. Here i leave the link to download:

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Vol 2


The last post that i made was about the first part of this album. Now, i give to you the second part of the 20/20 Experience from Timberlake, that was released in the middle of 2013. I read once in a magazine that Timberlake wanted to keep the more danceable tracks for the last part of the 20/20 experience, so lets see how it went.


The album begins with the incredible tune called Gimme What I Don’t Know, i heard this tune and get captured for almost 20 repeats, it has some killer beats and is perfect for the dancefloor! I didn’t liked True Blood, but after that came Cabaret! I liked the lyrics -they are very sexy- and the bassline fits perfect with the voice of JT, a perfect tune to undress your lady. TKO was one of the singles released and is commercially known, its ok. And after that tune came my favorite TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!!!, i get excited when i heard it for the first time and i never get tired of listen to this tune, it has the perfect disco sound that i love, violins, trumpets, bassline, groove, the best song!


If i liked Take Back the Night, this one liked me almost in the same level -actually i have to listen this song once a day- You got It On. This one is another that fits perfect for a moment when you and your lady are together and you want to seduce her and get undressed. It creates the perfect vibe, it puts you in the right mood. Take some wine and you are ready. This one was the last track that really liked me in this second part of the 20/20 Experience.

I read on GQ that Justin Timberlake was upset about the critics that he got for this part of the album, he said that he put so much on this album that he felt that the critics are getting harder on them. I have to say that is a good album, i really liked the groove it has in the groovie ones but it has some downs in the tunes that i didn’t choose. In general i liked the structure that 20/20 Experience vol. 1 has as a whole.


That was for now. Here i leave the download link, for your pleasure.
Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Vol 2

Download: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Vol 1


Timberlake sirs! Timberlake! A great RnB artist since he went solo. I have to say that this man has the disco vibe that i like to hear and many of his basslines -composed by Timbaland- are sick. I have waited long long time to hear something new from this man, cause i liked his two previous albums, and i have to say that this album worth -in 70% of the songs- the wait.


When you first hear it you will feel transported to the fifties, i think that Timberlake tried to bring back the classy style from that era. Pusher Love is the perfect opener for the album, it sounds like the soundtrack of an old movie (it has an incredible breakdown in the last minute with sick beats in it). Suit & Tie what can i say? I love this tune. Don’t Hold the Wall has great lyrics and a sick bassline tune – Timbaland did a great job here- . Strawberry Bubblegum i loved this tune too, the lyrics are amazing, the story is incredible, and the breakdown at the end is pure gold. Spaceship Coupe has an incredible sexyvibe in it, i like it. That Girl reveals the great band that plays the instrumental for Timberlake, the Tenesse Kids are awesome. Let the groove get in is another incredible tune, love the groove that it has, perfect tune for a party starter.


I really enjoyed the entire album, there was only one song that i didn’t liked in this first part of the album. I think that this songs will become classics in some years like their previous songs.  As usual i leave here the link for download, just for your pleasure.

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Vol 1


Download: Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures

One more time with our friend Amy, this time to review her last album, posthumous as we all know. This album has compilations from the producers Mark Romson, Salaam Remi and the family of Amy. Released in 2011, this album had to compete with The King of Limbs from Radiohead, 21 from Adele, El Camino from The Black Keys and even The Beach Boys with their Smile Sessions. As usual, our friend brings up the best in RnB at our times, and also makes us miss her because their voice and music style could not be equaled. I feel this album very special, for the Amy fans, because it has the tracks that could follow their previous album: Back to Black and also special editions of previous songs.

To do this album, the producers had to listen hours and hours of Amy’s voice and their special touch make this album reach the No. 1 in the UK albums charts that year. So without further adieu let’s listen:

  1. Our day will come: This track takes me back to the first album of Amy and his style of music from the 50’s again. Pure touching R&B, soul and even jazz. I love this track, composed back in the 63 and played by Ruby & The Romantics. You can expect something like this from Amy, as said: “Our day will come, and we’ll have everything,” before professing her everlasting love for her beau. The result serves as a timely reminder that beneath the demons that plagued her final years, her raw talent was undeniable” And for that this is a great tune!
  2. Between the Cheats: Another lovely song with the vintage style from the 50’s in it, inspired by the Gospel Style this song can bring you back in time to some night with your girl In the car, maybe watching the sky or the beach, a piercing love song that is great tune!
  3. Tears dry (original version): All the fans of Amy knows this song and love them, the voice of Amy reflects perfectly the sadness in their soul, and the band performs great following this. I have to say that this song moves me and make me sad. I like this ballad more than the version that was charted in 2007, because transmits more feeling in it, and that is what a song have to do! Great song since the beginning to the end.
  4. Will you still love me tomorrow? Once again we are transported to the fifties by Amy, with a great band following her and complementing this song incredible, this tune has the feeling of the original The Shirelles song but improved with the feeling that only Amy could give to a song. I didn’t expect this in this album but is a great surprise. I have to say that is a great song?
  5. Valerie (68 version): Another of the classic song from Amy, I love this song in her previous album and this is version is good also, the tempo is a little more fast, and the guitars sound fresher and take a principal role following and making the song more danceable without taking the jazz style in it. Good!
  6. The girl from Ipanema: Another surprise for me in this album was this song, I love the bossa nova, and hear this song singed with Amy make my day! Her voice fuelled with softness to transmit the original feeling of the track is followed with a jazz band that changed the style from bossa to jazz, but in a good way. A more upbeat version makes this song very fresher, and can put you in a good mood!
  7. Half Time: A very touching song, soft and sweet this song enters your mind and soul and can make you think and relax as she said: “Halftime,Time to think it through, Consider the change, See it from a different view” I could not describe better the feeling of this song. The band performs in a chilled jazz style focusing to enhance the voice of Amy, and they did it great!
  8. Wake up Alone (Original Recording): This album is as the title says: Hidden Treasures from Amy. We all love the version released in her previous album, but this is a smooth version of it and I feel it more touching than that. Followed by just a guitar, bass and just touches of drums, the voice of Amy could piercing your soul and makes you sad, and that is great because the song itself transmits a feeling, something that the actual shit of music can’t. At the end of the song the evidence of the passing life of Amy is revealed (for the album) because her voice is faded and disappears leaving the band playing solo, I liked that.
  9. Best friends, right? It’s incredible how Amy could make the perfect lyrics for moments that all the humans get through at least one time: “I don’t like the way you say my name, you’re always looking for someone to blame, now you want me to suffer just cause you was born wide, but we are best friends right?” Touching lyrics and touching music played at the best moment of Amy, I like the fresher style in this song and I could listen to this at any moment. Is a good song.
  10. Body and Soul: From 1930, this song begins with the original voice of Tony Bennett and then enters the voice of Amy, alternating in this way all the song. “Body and Soul” was recorded as a duet by Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse on the 23rd of March 2011, it was the last recording from our friend Amy  revealing their mature in her music and following the original style of the song, is a good song to listen to.

I tried not to mention all the tracks but all the tracks were good, a good flood of jazz and reggae songs that only Amy could perform, it left us waiting for more songs, closing herself with this phrase: “Y’know what? Marvin Gaye‘s great, but Donny Hathaway, like, he couldn’t contain himself. He had something in him, y’know?”And i could say the same for Amy too. Rest in peace Lioness. See ya (here is the link for promo only: )          

The Supremes – The Supremes A Go-Go


Ohh The Supremes, The Supremes what can I say about The Supremes? They was an excellent group is obvious but they influence later in the music is the most important thing, and we can see that in this disc. The Supremes was a group of womans from U.S.A. (Detroit) that  was also known as The Primettes that sings an performs in the Pop, R&B, Soul, Soul psicodélico, Doo wop, Disco music style.  Between his members were Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Betty McGlown, Barbara Martin, Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell, Lynda Laurence, Scherrie Payne, Susaye Greene, but not all of them at the same time. The first of them was Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard.

Berry Gordy, the creator of Motown focus his attention in this trio and  got their first number 1 hit with “Where Did Our Love Go”. With Diana Ross as the leader of the group and sounds choreography they triumph in the television and concerts until 1965 when Florence Ballar was removed from the group. Since then the group was called Diana Ross and The Supremes and turning to psychedelic music. In 1969 Diana Ross starts to sing in solitaire when the group finally lost its charm.

About this álbum The Supremes A’ Go- Go was released in 1966, when the entire group was together and in the best performance. This is an RnB and Pop album, and was the first album by an all-female group to reach the number-one on the Billboard 200 album charts in the United States. So this is a special album! Let’s hear what is inside:

  1. Love is like an Itch in My Heart: The song begins with the sound of the drums and trumpet, and then enters the voice of the leader of the group singing in a high note. The instruments fit perfect in harmony and creates a 50’s aura, very vintage I have to say. Is very go go like the title of the album because is a blend of funk, rhythm and blues, and early hip-hop, with a focus on lo-fi percussion instruments and funk-style jamming. Great! 4/5
  2. This Old Heart of Mine: This song is so fresh; you can feel it since the first strings. It has Go Go in here; there are claps, a tambourine, saxo, violin, and drums! All of this mixed in perfect harmony that creates an aura of peace and happiness. Great song! 4/5
  3. You Can’t Hurry Love: The first beats are incredible with just the Bass Guitar, the solo sounds like a Rock Song but then enters the voice of the leader of the group and you can listen the Go Go sound in this! This song is epic! For something the song topped the United States Billboard pop singles chart and in the UK the top. Then it would again become a number-one hit when Phil Collins rerecorded the song. It reached number-one on the UK Singles Chart for two weeks beginning in January 1983. This is perfect! 5/5
  4.  Shake Me, Wake Me: This song is a cover from the group Four Tops, but is not as good as the others songs I have listened until here. The tempo is upbeat but the voice of the leader is slow generating something strange. The band performs and excellent Go Go background but it’s not enough. 3/5
  5. Baby I Need Your Loving: Another cover from the Four Tops. This song begins with drums and the voice of the leader group singing in a relaxing way, this song is more groovy than the other for the guitar riff in the background, I can hear this song in the beach at the afternoon or in the night at the beach also. The song goes progressive and finish with vanishing the sound. Good. 3.5/5
  6. These boots are made for Walking: This song is just amazing, is a pop song written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra. It was released in February 1966 and hit #1 in the United States and United Kingdom Pop charts; The Supremes are covering the song of Nancy Sinatra but with a Go go Rhythm, just good as can be! The saxo sounds very sexy and the voice of the leader sounds very smooth and sexy followed with some claps, this is a hit! Great! 5/5
  7. I can’t help myself: Another song cover from the Four Tops, the tambourine, the trumpets and the guitar bass sounds very well, the voice of the leader are followed by the chorus in a smooth and sexy way and tone. This song is just ok, is not good as the others because is flat. Ok. 2.5/5
  8. Get Ready: This sounds to me to a rock song, it’s a cover from The Temptations original version, and sounds very good! The song begins with the sound of a dirty bass guitar riff that is just spectacular! And then continues with the voice of the leader following the line of the rock style in some way! Great! 4/5
  9. Put yourself in my place: This is one number-one hit from that year and I can imagine the people in that summer listen to this in his cars and dancing in the disco with their dresses that now seems vintage. This song is very flat, but is good because transmits the feeling of an era with the sound of the xylophone and the tambourine. A good song. 3/5
  10. Money (That’s What I Want): This is an excellent song, kinda jazzy and with a good tempo not so slow as the other ones, the band plays incredible with a dirty bass, trumpets, tambourine and sax joined with lyrics that are just amazing for the description of the capitalism in their maximum expression. This was a song from Barrett Strong that came out in 1959 in Motown Records, becoming their first hit! It’s an incredible song! 4/5
  11. Come and get these memories: This is another cover, the original song was from Martha and the Vandellas and was a RnB song that reached the number 29 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart, and number-six on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart. The song speaks of heartbreak, as the narrator (lead singer Martha Reeves) goes through her things and gives back everything her now ex-boyfriend had given her, including teddy bears, records, and “lingering love”. The lyrics are great and the version of The Supremes has the Go Go sound that is marked by the band, is a good song but not so great for me. 3/5
  12. Hang on Sloopy: This song is great, just with the first riff you can know that! Is another cover, the original was from The McCoys  and it was #1 in America in October 1965 and is the official rock song of the state of Ohio and The Ohio State University. It was written by Wes Farrell and Bert Russell and is named for singer Dorothy Sloop, who used the name “Sloopy” on stage. The basic riff of the song became a staple of garage bands during the 1960s, being used on such songs as The Weeds‘ “It’s Your Time” and Kit and the Outlaws‘ “Dude and the Sundowners” and “Don’t Tread on Me.” It’s a great song because it transmit some kind of good crazyness in a style that can make you happy! Incredible. 5/5

This album is full with hits from an era, this album is a must have for all the jewels that is inside and for the the very good sound and voice that The Supremes performs here. The Ranking in Allmusic gives this album 4 stars. You can feel the sentiment of an era with this album, now is very vintage the Go Go sound but you can listen to this at any time and in any place because the songs will be recognized for at least one person. A Great album.

So, that’s all. Here is the link for promo only:


Marvin Gaye – Midnight Love



Hi world!! Whatsapp?? hehe. I reviewed the last time the disc of this artist that figures in the “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”. Well this time i make the review about his last album, just before he died killed by his own father. Talking about this album, it claimed the number one on the list of albums of the year from the british magazine NME despite the troubles that Marvin was experiencing (a drug problem, debts, failure in his marriages and finally a lost of his equipment). Let’s listen the album and talk about the results later:

1. Midnight Lady: Bongos and a guitar riff at the beginning of this uptempo and happy soul song. The voice of Marvin sounds great accompanied by an excellent performance of the band, he uses very well the up and down of his voice to create a fun song. This song is filled with a variety of instruments, i can hear some bass guitar, guitar, trumpets, piano synth and even a progressive drum at the end of this song, all of this combined generates and transmit and aura of happyness. Good song! 4/5

2. Sexual Healing: I don’t know how to use the words to describe this song. Pure soul here, one of the best in the history of Soul Music, is very impressive the combination of instruments that creates an aura of sensuality, a perfect song! We can hear here the perfect performance of Gaye in the vocals with notes that are hard to reach joined with a perfect guitar riff, bassline, claps, second guitar, bass guitar, drums and a chorus. This song is amazing! For real, if you never had listen to this song do it right now, you are missing something big. When this track was released, all the attention from the R&B listeners was atracted to Marvin again.  This song reached the number-one on the Hot Black Singles Chart becoming the fastest-rising R&B single in five years!  and even successfully crossed over to pop audiences and reaching to the number-three on the Billboard Hot 100. Later on, Billboard commented that among only two other singers – Aretha Franklin and Madonna – Gaye became the only male artist to place a song on every position of the Hot 100’s top ten listings. Eventually staying at number-one on the R&B chart for a total of ten consecutive weeks, the song would become the longest-running number-one single on that chart during the entire decade later selling over a million copies. The RIAA would later certified “Sexual Healing” as aplatinum single. So, what you are expecting to listen this? 894948483/5!

3. Rockin’ After Midnight: Excellent groove in this song since the beginning. You can hear some snapping fingers joined with an excellent bass guitar an amazing trumpet sound. The song has a fast tempo, the snapping fingers then turns to claps, and enters the voice of Marvin sayin “Will be rockin after midnight!”, this is another excellent soul song!  The song makes an excellent progression that can be noted because the force of the bassline, the drums and the trumpets increase while the song goes on. My ears are entranced by this perfect, amazing, incredible song! the touch of gold is the saxo at the end of the song mixed at the same level with the voice of Marvin and the snapping fingers again! 5/5!!!! EXCELLENT!

4. ‘Til Tomorrow: A downtempo beat in the beginning joined with the string of the guitar and the voice of Marvin that talks about love, this song sounds like the song Save the Children from the last album in this blog. This song is very relaxing, you can listen to it when you are in your home at night. Sounds good but not so great as the others. 3.5/5

5. Turn on Some Music: You can say that one song is brilliant just with the first minutes and this is one of this songs! The beginning enters with a perfect arragement of strings, the voice of Marvin and a bass line that joined creates the perfect sexy and smooth aura. This song is perfect! You can feel the soul, all the instruments fit perfect in the song. I am impressed by the sound of the strings of the piano, trumpets, the bassline and the Saxo! Groove, groove! Great Song! 7/5

6. Joy: This song has the sound of a Rock and Roll song, make me remember Elvis Presley and all the songs from the 50’s. This song is very fast, uptempo in all the instruments since the piano, the bass guitar, and the voice of Marvin. Is a good song that talks about the girl that he loves. It’s ok but doesn’t follows the Soul theme of the album. 3/5

7. Third World Girl: A weird beginning with some jungle screams haha, the dub sound follows a kinda reggae style of song, i can hear a combination of instruments since the bassline from the computer til the sound of the guitar string! A great song because it goes progressive while the song goes on and on. This song was a tribute to Bob Marley because it was recorded after his death in the same year. It has a Great Jamaica fresh sound! Great! 4/5

8. My love is Waiting: This song begins with Marvin saying thanks, and then enters the sound of the bassline arragement with the characteristic guitar strings playing soul, a perfect soul! This song is just breath taking, it involves you in the sound that generates, and could make you feel sexy, feel good and make you enjoy the life. this song was issued initially as a b-side to “Sexual Healing” in the UK but the song received a positive response from UK fans that it was also issued as a single eventually peaking at number-thirty-four. This song is amazing, the arragements are incredible with the sound of the trumpets and the relaxing voice of Marvin that goes progressive from the minute 4:00! Just incredible! 8/5!

This album is just amazing! despite of all the problems that Marvin was dealing, despite all the bad moments he give us this perfect album! all the tracks on it are great! full of Soul! I love this album! and the world too, because Midnight Love peaked at number-seven on the Billboard 200 and number-one on the Black Albums chart, this  becomes an eighth number-one album on that chart and his first number-one on that chart since 1977!. It eventually sold over three million US copies certifying the album as triple -platinum while selling a total of six million albums worldwide, it also became a worldwide hit peaking at number-four on the UK Albums chart.

Despite that when the album comes out Michael Jackson was becoming the Mainstream star and the competition from Lionel Richie, from the critics we can know that The album yielded a few R&B-charted singles – “Joy“, which peaked at number-thirty-one on the chart while the album’s lone ballad, “‘Til Tomorrow“, rose as high as number-seventy-eight. The album was ranked #37 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 greatest albums of the 80’s!! Something that i can perceive from the album front is that Marvin was sad, it want to appear Happy and Smiling but his eyes denotes something different. And then he pass away. A big lost of the world of soul. He makes history with all his albums and closed perfectly with a gold like this.

So that’s all, here is the link (for promo only):