[Download] Coldplay Broken, Ghost Stories, the album when Chris Martin got divorced [Download, Spotify and Youtube Playlist Links inside]

ghost-stories-by-coldplayColdplay and Ghost Stories. Their new album has the collaboration from musical monsters like Avicii, Timbaland, Madeon, and the incredible Jon Hopkins! Written at a time when Chris Martin was having a difficult time with his love, i think that this will influence very well the lyrics and the feeling in the songs.

When i began to listen to the album, the first tune called “Always on my head” had the style of the albums previous to Mylo Xyloto, like the style that they had in X & Y or A Rush of Blood to the Head. The second tune “Magic” has great beats! i liked it a lot. I listened the following tracks and the next one that like me was “Midnight”, i can hear the sounds of a track from Jon Hopkins clearly, a very ethereal song, perfect for listening at 3 am in the morning!  Another song that i liked was “Oceans”, again this tune remind me the style they had back in their first album “Parachutes”.

Download Link: Coldplay – Ghost Stories [Deluxe Edition]

Youtube Link: Ghost Stories – Coldplay Playlist

Spotify Link: Ghost Stories on Spotify

[Download] The New Prince of Pop Justin Timberlake Takes Back the Night in 20/20 Experience 2 [Playlists and Download Links]


Released in the middle of 2013, the album begins with the incredible tune called Gimme What I Don’t Know, i heard this tune and get captured for almost 20 repeats, it has some killer beats and is perfect for the dancefloor! Then came my favorite TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!!!, i got excited when i heard it for the first time and i never get tired of listen to this tune, it has the perfect disco sound that i love, violins, trumpets, bassline, groove! If i liked Take Back the Night, this one liked me almost in the same level -actually i have to listen this song once a day- You got It On. This one is another that fits perfect for a moment when you and your lady are together and you want to seduce her and get undressed. It creates the perfect vibe, it puts you in the right mood. Take some wine and you are ready.

Download Link: Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Part 2

Youtube Playlist: Justin Timberlake 20 20 Experience Playlist

Spotify Playlist: 20 20 Experience Playlist Justin Timberlake

[Download] The New Prince of Pop: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Vol 1


Timberlake sirs! A great RnB artist since he went solo. I have to say that this man has the disco vibe that i like to hear and many of his bassline -composed by Timbaland- are sick. I have waited long long time to hear something new from this man, cause i liked his two previous albums, and i have to say that this album worth -in 70% of the songs- the wait. When you first hear it you will feel transported to the fifties, i think that Timberlake tried to bring back the classy style from that era. Pusher Love is the perfect opener for the album, it sounds like the soundtrack of an old movie (it has an incredible breakdown in the last minute with sick beats in it). Suit & Tie what can i say? I love this tune. Don’t Hold the Wall has great lyrics and a sick bassline tune – Timbaland did a great job here- . Strawberry Bubblegum i loved this tune too, the lyrics are amazing, the story is incredible, and the breakdown at the end is pure gold. Spaceship Coupe has an incredible sexyvibe in it, i like it. That Girl reveals the great band that plays the instrumental for Timberlake, the Tennessee Kids are awesome. Let the groove get in is another incredible tune, love the groove that it has, perfect tune for a party starter.


Download Link: 20 – 20 Experience from Justin Timberlake Download

Spotify Playlist: 20-20 Experience by Justin Timberlake on Spotify

Youtube Playlist: 20-20 Experience by Justin Timberlake on Youtube

Pitbull named an album like his father: Armando (Download Link Inside)

To honor your father you could give him a gift, or take him to some beautiful place, but Pitbull gives his father an album with his name on it. The album is full with very popular tunes: Maldito Alcohol, the track is already a classic in the dance floor and every reunion that you go, it was a good collaboration with the house producer Afrojack.  Esta Noche is a very surprising song with one of the most beautiful bassline from the house arena. Another classic now is Bon Bon, a bassline taken from we don’t speak americano (panamericano) that was very successful back there on 2010.  Unexpected hip hop track Pregúntale, with lyrics that refers to other artists like “daddy yankee”, “don omar”, “fat joe”, is a good hip hop track. In general the same mixing about house track plus some Pitbull lyrics functioned well back there on 2010.

Download link of the album: Pitbull – Armando