Sinatra and the beginning of Amy. First album: Frank. [Download Link Inside]

The beginning of everything, a juvenile work fused with intensity, great lyrics and jamming tunes. So, why Frank? Amy said in an interview:  “When I say ‘Frank’s in there and I don’t care,’ that is literally a Frank Sinatra CD. My dad bought me it for Christmas and I was putting all his stuff in a box, like his T-shirt that I used to sleep in. He bought me Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours (if you want to read about this classic album and download it, click here) – ironically, cos it’s one of the classic heartbreak albums of all time. Frank as a title for the album is a good word, It is frank… Dunno. Maybe with more time I would have come up with a better title, Sinatra had an emotional connection with music. That was his thing. He had the tone in his voice. But singers? I know a hundred singers that piss on Frank. And musicians. And just as a person: he was an arsehole. But he had an emotional connection to songs that touched everyone, women, men, soldiers”.  

Amy then, tried to do as well as the great jazz musician did at their time, and she started with excellent tunes like Stronger Than Me where the voice of Amy shines accompanied by an excellent band, You Sent Me Flying, a piano and djs scratching, piano in the background and the voice of Amy behind and wrapped together fused in a audio heaven tune. The Lyrics on I Heard Love Is Blind makes you think about an infidelity and what love really is. Finally, Mr. Magic (Through the Smoke) closes the album with a guitar riff solo with a jazzy funky style and ending the song with trumpets in a fantastic way. This album has a style of “glossy admixture of breezy funk, dub and jazz-inflected soul” that is just breathtaking.

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Download Amy Winehouse – Frank Album here:

And listen it in Spotify here: Amy Winehouse – Frank on Spotify

[Download] Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind [Jazz]

Nina Simone’s “Wild is The Wind” is in the list of “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”. Nina wanted to be the first black women pianist, but instead of that she worked in Jazz because of the racial prejudice that was so strong back in 1966 and that is the reason behind the style of her songs, that seems so influenced from Bach and the classical music. His style and performance made history, Nina influenced many artists in the actual world like Christina Aguilera. This album is the 18th from 43rd albums, a very extensive career hah? The bests songs in this album are: I love your lovin’ ways: it made me remind the old west movies with sounds from blues, just a piano,drums and a bass, is all what you need, What more can i say a soft song, the strings of a bass with a low tempo, a perpetual accord from the piano and the progression of the drums makes this song a romantic song that melts perfectly with Nina. That’s all i ask, the best song in the album. Break down and let it all out, brilliant. Why keep on breaking my heart, lyrics are incredible, and finally Wild is the wind, Nina talks about the perfect love in this slow tempo song. I have to say that the voice of Nina and her performance are brilliant! I want to hear more from her. This was one of the best Nina Simone albums, with the best Nina Simone songs in it.

Download: Download Nina Simone’s Wild is the Wind Full Album rar

Download: Back to Black, the best album of Amy Winehouse [RnB]

Amy Winehouse, or the last great voice in jazz music made this genius album right back from a hard breakup with his all time love. This pain gave her the inspiration to create an album that, in fact, spanned generations. Heavily influenced by the classic soul of Etta James, the rebellious doo-wop of The Shangri-Las and The Ronettes and just a touch of Slick RickWinehouse’s sophomore album Back to Black came at the perfect time. Rehab was Winehouse’s breakthrough single, the song that turned her into a cultural reference point. Another great song is Me and Mr. Jones, vintage jazzy style in this song, can transport you back to the olds 50’s, when the war was over and the people watched movies in the car. Just FriendsBack to Black and Love is a Losing Game are the best examples of what amy was feeling at that time: the blue of the love that was lost.

Back to black it’s a suicide note set to music, and unfortunately one that proved to be only too real. Tragically it was her pain, the same pain that directly or indirectly lead to her death, that made her music so compelling. It’s a terrible price to pay for a classic album, but I prefer to believe that at the least she’s free now.

If you want to download the album: Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

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Listen to the Best Soul Album in History: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Special Edition) [Download]


American singer-songwriter and musician with a three-octave vocal range, born April 2, 1939 in Washington, D.C., USA, died April 1, 1984 in Los Angeles, California, USA when he was shot by his father Marvin Gay, Sr. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 [Performer]. Starting as a member of The Moonglows in the late fifties, he ventured into a solo career after the group disbanded in 1960 signing with the Tamla subsidiary of Motown Records.

Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going on album is considered the best soul album in history. Much has been said about What’s Going On’ political bent, and it’s true that the music was partially inspired by Marvin’s brother Frankie, who had come back from a three-year tour of Vietnam, along with troublingly violent episodes like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kent State shootings that saw four students killed by national guardsmen. Songs like peace-espousing title track and “What’s Happening Brother“, which finds Gaye expressing a war veteran’s helplessness upon returning home, show Marvin’s dismay toward his country and government. But this album isn’t just a protest time capsule, far from it, Gaye’s disappointment isn’t just societal, it’s personal as well. During this period, the singer had lost his duet partner and dear friend, Tammi Terrell, his marriage to Gordy’s sister Anna was violently breaking down, and he was being tailed by the IRS for unpaid back taxes. His resulting depression is evident throughout; What’s Going On isn’t a fiery album filled with timely sloganeering. Part of its long-lasting appeal involves an element of true-to-life resignation. “Who’s willing to try to save a world/ That’s destined to die,” he sings on “Save the Children”, pinpointing an American melancholia– a mix of world-saving power and funereal inevitability– that endures today.  Right On has an INCREDIBLE SOUND! I felt like if i were in “Ocean’s Eleven”. A delicious sound of flute in the background, a jazzy sound from the band and lyrics that protest about social class division, is one of the best songs in the album.  Inner City Blues (Make me wanna Holler), the bongo sounds are united with xilophone and saxophone creating an atmosphere of relax and poetry, very harmonic song. The lyrics talks about a life in a city where you can’t live well because you are fulled with obligations and taxes.

His marijuana-soaked delivery, along with the album’s mutating, percussion-fueled rhythms, majestic strings, and jazzy horns, give the affair levity. Perhaps this smooth front also has to do with the fact that Gaye was “hardly an activist in the traditional sense,” while his Vietnam-battered brother was an emotional catalyst, Gaye had neglected to send him one letter during his army stint. And though he was certainly aware of the Detroit race riot that left 43 people dead in 1967, he viewed the sad display on TV from his cushy home on the outskirts of town. Not to say Gaye didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the progressive observations found on What’s Going On, but his relative distance from his subjects allows him to fly over top of them, providing a healing pulse to the disarray below, creating an album as timeless as this one.

Download: Marvin Gaye What’s Going On Full Album Rar for download

Download: The Best Album of Jamiroquai – The Return of the Space Cowboy (Special Edition)



If you want to listen to Jamiroquai best songs then you definitely have to listen to The Return of the Space Cowboy. It was released on 1993 reaching top charts since then, for me is the best acid jazz album ever. Just Another Story was a perfect start, i think they performed the best Acid Jazz on that time. Manifest Destiny has the best that bassline solo that i have ever listened. Morning Glory has very sexy and seductive sounds, and for me the album closes with the best Acid Jazz song in history: Space Cowboy” not just for the vocals but because the whole song is so perfectly integrated, it have the right tools played at the right time and in an accurate way to generate an incredible atmosphere and vibe that is transmitted to the listener in an excellent way!

Jamiroquai’s sophomore album in 1994 took it up a notch. A darker funk sound echoed the more street-based social commentary, and their new music found its way into four million homes worldwide, and into samples and remixes by the likes of Missy Elliott and Calvin Harris. Through a haze of drugs and frustration, singles like ’Just Another Story’ and ’The Kids’ drove home the unrest of the early ’90s, while ’Half The Man’ and ’Stillness In Time’ offered a sweet, home-rolled escape. Even now, the hit single ’Space Cowboy’ is UK radio station Kiss FM’s most played song of all time. Ever.

What can i say for this album? I don’t have words! It is a must have! Really. It already sold 4 Million of copies around the world at this date.

Download: The Return of The Space Cowboy Full Album Rar Special Edition Download