Download: Frank Sinatra – Strangers in the Night



The great! The Mighty Sinatra! This album recovers the previous fame that Frank had, in an era where the big band jazz was almost already dead. This great album took Sinatra again into the Nª 1 position of the pop charts, and what question can you have when you listen to Strangers in the Night, such a perfect song, i have to say that is the best tune in the album, rivaling only with All or Nothing at All, where you can listen a great big band jazz in action with a perfect solo at the middle of the tune.  I also enjoyed Downtown, the lyrics are very funny and the vibe makes you very happy.

strangers in the night 

So, here is the link, for your pleasure.

Los Amigos Invisibles – The New Sound of Venezuelan Gozadera


The best latinoamerican funky group! Seriously, if you like good funky shit this is definitely the band that you have to listen to!  And the album “The New Sound of Venezuelan Gozadera” is the one that put them on the map.


This Venezuelan Band has its origin on the year 1997 when they produced their first album but with not much success, but in they had the lucky to be listened by an ex member of the Talking Heads:David Byrne, he liked their sound and make them sign for his label. Since then the trip whas amazing for “Los Amigos Invisibles” and they demonstrated their talent with this album.


The best songs from the album are “UltraFunk” -a fresh sound with sounds from the funk of the seventies-, “Sexy” – an incredible journey into the disco funk music – “, “Las Lycras del Avila” – a very relaxing trip to the beach, one of my favorites i have to say- “Cachete a Cachete” – a sexy tune, a good one actually, my kind of tune- and the incredible “Ponerte en Cuatro” – this is a very special song for me, i listened it when i was 10 years old and since then i discovered that the vibe that the most liked me was the funk! The disco! This one is so perfect, so funky! You have to listen this!!! “Cha chaborro” – a chachachá, can you believe it? This band is so eclectic  that you can have funk and chachacha in the same album! And this one is a classic chachachá -.

This album is a very good trip to the funky disco sound, one that you will love and enjoy so much that you will become addicted to this kind of music. Give it a try, i leave the link here.

Los Amigos Invisibles – The New Sound Of Venezuelan Gozadera (download link)

Wayne Shorter – Speak no Evil

Hello again! For this episode of Feedback’s Jazzy Radio Show i bring to you this masterpiece album called Speak no Evil.


The year was 1965 and the people involved in the album were some big names already in the jazz world: Herbie Hancock on the piano, Ron Carter on the bass and Shorter on the Saxophone.  The style in the album is post-bop, a genre that belongs to the mid fifties where the forms, tempos, and meter are freer, all the compositions are new, and the band members themselves are featured composers.


The best songs in the album for me are “Fee Fi Fo Fum”, the trumpet here played by Hubbard develop an incredible role, it undress your imagination and take it into a personal journey. The trumpet then is followed by a solo of piano from Herbie Hancock that joins together with the soft playing of the drums, just to explode at the end of the song and awakening from your incredible journey. The other song: “Speak no Evil” is dangerous, really marvelous, the piano and the saxo are in a battle, in a delicious battle were the only winner are your ears. The last one: “Dance Cadaverous”, a perfect piece that could give live to a dead body, i see in my head something like that when i heard it!  Here is the link to listen to the album. See ya.

Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil

Wayne Shorter – download

Download: Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures

One more time with our friend Amy, this time to review her last album, posthumous as we all know. This album has compilations from the producers Mark Romson, Salaam Remi and the family of Amy. Released in 2011, this album had to compete with The King of Limbs from Radiohead, 21 from Adele, El Camino from The Black Keys and even The Beach Boys with their Smile Sessions. As usual, our friend brings up the best in RnB at our times, and also makes us miss her because their voice and music style could not be equaled. I feel this album very special, for the Amy fans, because it has the tracks that could follow their previous album: Back to Black and also special editions of previous songs.

To do this album, the producers had to listen hours and hours of Amy’s voice and their special touch make this album reach the No. 1 in the UK albums charts that year. So without further adieu let’s listen:

  1. Our day will come: This track takes me back to the first album of Amy and his style of music from the 50’s again. Pure touching R&B, soul and even jazz. I love this track, composed back in the 63 and played by Ruby & The Romantics. You can expect something like this from Amy, as said: “Our day will come, and we’ll have everything,” before professing her everlasting love for her beau. The result serves as a timely reminder that beneath the demons that plagued her final years, her raw talent was undeniable” And for that this is a great tune!
  2. Between the Cheats: Another lovely song with the vintage style from the 50’s in it, inspired by the Gospel Style this song can bring you back in time to some night with your girl In the car, maybe watching the sky or the beach, a piercing love song that is great tune!
  3. Tears dry (original version): All the fans of Amy knows this song and love them, the voice of Amy reflects perfectly the sadness in their soul, and the band performs great following this. I have to say that this song moves me and make me sad. I like this ballad more than the version that was charted in 2007, because transmits more feeling in it, and that is what a song have to do! Great song since the beginning to the end.
  4. Will you still love me tomorrow? Once again we are transported to the fifties by Amy, with a great band following her and complementing this song incredible, this tune has the feeling of the original The Shirelles song but improved with the feeling that only Amy could give to a song. I didn’t expect this in this album but is a great surprise. I have to say that is a great song?
  5. Valerie (68 version): Another of the classic song from Amy, I love this song in her previous album and this is version is good also, the tempo is a little more fast, and the guitars sound fresher and take a principal role following and making the song more danceable without taking the jazz style in it. Good!
  6. The girl from Ipanema: Another surprise for me in this album was this song, I love the bossa nova, and hear this song singed with Amy make my day! Her voice fuelled with softness to transmit the original feeling of the track is followed with a jazz band that changed the style from bossa to jazz, but in a good way. A more upbeat version makes this song very fresher, and can put you in a good mood!
  7. Half Time: A very touching song, soft and sweet this song enters your mind and soul and can make you think and relax as she said: “Halftime,Time to think it through, Consider the change, See it from a different view” I could not describe better the feeling of this song. The band performs in a chilled jazz style focusing to enhance the voice of Amy, and they did it great!
  8. Wake up Alone (Original Recording): This album is as the title says: Hidden Treasures from Amy. We all love the version released in her previous album, but this is a smooth version of it and I feel it more touching than that. Followed by just a guitar, bass and just touches of drums, the voice of Amy could piercing your soul and makes you sad, and that is great because the song itself transmits a feeling, something that the actual shit of music can’t. At the end of the song the evidence of the passing life of Amy is revealed (for the album) because her voice is faded and disappears leaving the band playing solo, I liked that.
  9. Best friends, right? It’s incredible how Amy could make the perfect lyrics for moments that all the humans get through at least one time: “I don’t like the way you say my name, you’re always looking for someone to blame, now you want me to suffer just cause you was born wide, but we are best friends right?” Touching lyrics and touching music played at the best moment of Amy, I like the fresher style in this song and I could listen to this at any moment. Is a good song.
  10. Body and Soul: From 1930, this song begins with the original voice of Tony Bennett and then enters the voice of Amy, alternating in this way all the song. “Body and Soul” was recorded as a duet by Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse on the 23rd of March 2011, it was the last recording from our friend Amy  revealing their mature in her music and following the original style of the song, is a good song to listen to.

I tried not to mention all the tracks but all the tracks were good, a good flood of jazz and reggae songs that only Amy could perform, it left us waiting for more songs, closing herself with this phrase: “Y’know what? Marvin Gaye‘s great, but Donny Hathaway, like, he couldn’t contain himself. He had something in him, y’know?”And i could say the same for Amy too. Rest in peace Lioness. See ya (here is the link for promo only: )          

Amy Winehouse – Frank

Hello world out there; to continue with the discography from Amy Winehouse (that is not as extensive for the reasons we all already know) this time I will analyze his debut album called “Frank”. This title alludes to the nature and tone of Amy’s lyrics on the album. The album had received very good reviews and critics, one of the most remarkable was the one from Billboard: “a stellar album” and said that Winehouse’s vocals are “wobblier than now, yet still astounding”.

About this album Amy said in an interview:  “When I say ‘Frank’s in there and I don’t care,’ that is literally a Frank Sinatra CD. He bought me it for Christmas and I was putting all his stuff in a box, like his T-shirt that I used to sleep in. He bought me Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours – ironically, cos it’s one of the classic heartbreak albums of all time. Frank as a title for the album is a good word, It is frank… Dunno. Maybe with more time I would have come up with a better title, Sinatra had an emotional connection with music. That was his thing. He had the tone in his voice. But singers? I know a hundred singers that piss on Frank. And musicians. And just as a person: he was an arsehole. But he had an emotional connection to songs that touched everyone, women, men, soldiers”. So with the name of the album we can expect what it comes inside I guess. Without further adieu let’s start:

01. Stronger Than Me (Intro): Great intro! The voice of Amy shines because her up and downs in notes, and the reaching of very high notes. She is accompanied by an excellent band that plays blues; excellent drums, guitar riff, even saxo and a trumpet!The solo at the minute 3 is just amazing! One of the best songs in the album 5/5

02. You Sent Me Flying: A piano and some rain effects, with the voice of Amy performing an excellent song! The beginning of the song has the style of a jazzy song, but then becomes RnB!!! With Djs scratch even!! And the piano in the background!! Just breathtaking!!! Great!!! Another 5/5

03. Know You Now: Hard bass and drums at the start, with birds in the background in an uptempo beat. This reminds me of a Bossa Nova style of song again! The performance of Amy is just incredible! The voice is great! As the song goes on enters a guitar riff and another instruments like flute, just incredible!! 5/5 

05. I Heard Love Is Blind: This song is one of my favorites of the album for his lyrics. It has excellent lyrics that make you think about an infidelity and what is love really, all of this involved with the perfect voice of Amy, no drums in this song just guitar riffs and bass. This song is excellent for the aura that creates. Perfect! 5/5 

06. Moody’s Mood For Love: I don’t know if are the headset that I’m using but the instruments in this song are incredible: a piano, a saxo, a bassline arrangement, a bass guitar, drums and some instruments that are used in reggae too. The voice of Amy sounds relaxed in a downtempo song with the style of bossa and jazz. Perfect! 5/5. 

15. Brother: This song has an excellent beginning with a dj scratch and a heavy drum in the background, and then the voice of Amy enters with a relaxed and soft note. She plays with the plasticity in the notes creating a song that transmits a relaxing atmosphere. The touches of the guitar with the arrangement in the bass line are just perfect to create an atmosphere in a morning at the beach or any Sunday morning when you wake up relaxed. Great! 5/5

16. Mr. Magic (Through the Smoke): The guitar riff solo at the beginning announces a very funky song. Then the bass and the voice of Amy enter generating an excellent mix of guitar riffs bassline an voices (vocal accompaniment is performed by Amy too). This song has a very jazzy funky style with a normal tempo. The end of the song with trumpets closes the song in a fantastic way. Excellent!! 5/5

When I start to make the review for this album I do not expect to find too many good songs because it was the debut album of Amy, but there is a lot of excellent jazzy funky style of songs that are just brilliant. There are bad songs too but the songs that are excellent make me wanna repeat and repeat that track and don’t make me feel tired of it. The album has a style of “glossy admixture of breezy funk, dub and jazz-inflected soul” that is just breath taking.


Download: Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind

Hello there again!! This time i’m  bringing to you this album from Nina Simone called “Wild is The Wind“. This album is in the list of “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”.  Something interesting (at least for me) is that Nina Simone’s true name is Eunice Kathleen Waymon and she wanted to be the first black women concert pianist, but instead of that she worked in Jazz, Blues, Soul, Folk and RnB because of the racial prejudice that was so strong back in that era and that’s the reason behind the style of her songs, that seems so influenced from Bach and the classical music. Definitively, his style and performance made history, Nina has influenced many artists in the world (Christina Aguilera). This album is the 18th from 43 albums, a very extensive career hah? The bests songs in this album are: I love your lovin’ ways: it made me remind the old west movies with sounds from blues, just a piano,drums and a bass, is all what you need. What more can i say is a soft song, the strings of a bass with a low tempo, a perpetual accord from the piano and the progression of the drums makes this song a romantic song that melts perfectlywith the excellent performance of Nina. That’s all i ask, great performance, great band, touches of piano, bass, all the instruments involved make this the best song in the album! Break down and let it all out: brilliant!! Why keep on breaking my heart: The lyrics are incredible! Wild is the wind: Nina turns blue for this slow tempo, sad song, that evidence a lost. I have to say that the voice of Nina and her performance are brilliant! I definitively want to hear more from her.