Download: Arctic Monkeys – Whatever Pleople Say I am, That’s What I’m Not


Released back in 2008, this is a basic album for anyone who loves indie rock music. The Arctic Monkeys found their best sounds here, even when this was their first album! almost all the tracks are a masterpiece. Starting from A Certain Romance, a perfect tune for a sporty sunday morning, or a great beginning of your weekend, this tune will certainly make you feel good. From the Ritz to the Rubble gives me chills, it’s such a great tune! I bet you look good on the dancefloor is a track that will be remembered in the next generations, Mardy Bum is the perfect relaxing and sarcastic song that could be used to upset your girlfriend, Perhaps Vampires is A Bit Strong But…, Red Lights Indicates Doors are Secured, Riot Van, Still take you home and finally When The Sun Goes Down, what can i say? i love almost all the tunes in this album, maybe i listened too much, or maybe and more probably they are great.


I leave you here the download link:

The XX – The XX



Hello again! I found this indie pop/dream pop band from England two years ago and i wanted to share their music because they have a very unique ethereal sound, i wanted to do this before but i didn’t have the opportunity until now. What i like about this band is their simplicity on their songs and the way that the female and the male voices melts together.

The songs that i like from this first album are: Crystalised – i think this song is perfect for a morning at the beach, i imagine this song as a soundtrack for a surf video, the interaction between the voices and the guitar riffs are fantastic -, Teardrops – this one have amazing guitar riffs again and the lyrics are amazing, is so depressing that is ok to hear this when you are feeling a little down-, VCR – i think this is a perfect lullaby song “you, you used to have all the answers” -,  Islands! This one is my favorite from the album! – such a joyful song! Beautiful one, great lyrics “i’m yours now…”, great rythm! A song that goes in crescendo and finish with a perfect resolution! You have to listen this one- Shelter is a good one too.


As usual, i leave the direct download here for your pleasure. Have fun!
The XX – The XX (direct download link)