The Strokes – Is This It?

Hi everyone, this time i  give you the first disc of The Strokes!!!! The so called “Is this it”, the best album according the critics around the world and one of the 100th best albums in the history. If you not listened yet The Strokes, you should consider start from this disc. I promise you’ll be a fan after that. So let’s begin!

1st Track – “Is this It”: The first track is a relaxing song, the vocalist Casablanca has a good performance here and all the band denotes a smooth soft indie rock. Very good for the start.

2nd Track – “The Modern Age”: Good intro, a solo of drums and progressive guitar riffs! The vocalist has an off voice effect here, ‘til minute 3 that comes a VERY GOOD, IMPRESSIVE SOLO GUITAR. Damn! You should here that solo, I recommend strongly this song. Not to harder, but that’s what makes this song special. PERFECT!

3rd Track – “Soma”: Damn!!! Very good intro, very sticky guitar riff and the off voice effect again. A very happy style here. The guitar riffs are so sick! Pure indie harmonic rock. One of the best songs of this band, I’m sure. GREAT!

5th Track – “Someday”: Ok, THIS SONG IS AMAZING! A perfect Indie Rock Song and the perfection of The strokes, they make his name with song like this. You can listen when you’re sad, boring or happy and will always take you to the dance floor. GREAT!

7th Track – “Last Nite”: I really don’t have to talk about this song, it speaks for him alone. ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS IN THE HISTORY OF ROCK!! A number one hit in many lists around the world.

8th Track – “Hard to Explain”: The intro is very good! A progressive style from the drums, amazing guitar riffs and distorted vocals. Not only the intro is good, also the entire song is exciting and mesmerizing. Very Good Track!

9th Track – “New York City Cops”: God Damn! How can I describe this song? I already listened but I not get tired, I’m playing over and over again because it has a progressive and catchy rhythm. Again, like the entire disc, the strokes surprise us with a very melodic organization of drums and guitars.

The Entire Album is a jewel that you must have. Blessed and cursed with an enormous amount of hype from the British press, the Strokes prove to be one of the few groups deserving of their glowing reviews. Granted, their high-fashion appeal and faultless influences — Television, the Stooges, and especially Lou Reed and the Velvets — have “critics’ darlings” written all over them. But like the similarly lauded Elastica and Supergrass before them, the Strokes don’t rehash the sounds that inspire them –they remake them in their own image – and that’s why this album is one of the bests one hundred albums of the decade.

So here is the link for the album, for promo only: