Download: Arctic Monkeys – Whatever Pleople Say I am, That’s What I’m Not


Released back in 2008, this is a basic album for anyone who loves indie rock music. The Arctic Monkeys found their best sounds here, even when this was their first album! almost all the tracks are a masterpiece. Starting from A Certain Romance, a perfect tune for a sporty sunday morning, or a great beginning of your weekend, this tune will certainly make you feel good. From the Ritz to the Rubble gives me chills, it’s such a great tune! I bet you look good on the dancefloor is a track that will be remembered in the next generations, Mardy Bum is the perfect relaxing and sarcastic song that could be used to upset your girlfriend, Perhaps Vampires is A Bit Strong But…, Red Lights Indicates Doors are Secured, Riot Van, Still take you home and finally When The Sun Goes Down, what can i say? i love almost all the tunes in this album, maybe i listened too much, or maybe and more probably they are great.


I leave you here the download link:

Download: Coldplay – Ghost Stories


Hi everyone! it has been a long time since my last post, and i’m back with one of my favorite rock band! they always have the perfect songs to make me feel alive, sad, with joy and happy, and this time their new album has the collaboration from musical monsters like Avicii, Timbaland, Madeon, and the incredible Jon Hopkins! With these artists by their side is sure that they have a great product!

Written at a time when Chris Martin was having a difficult time with his love, i think that this will influence very well the lyrics and the feeling in the songs.


When i began to listen to the album, the first tune called “Always on my mind” had the style of the albums previous to Mylo Xyloto, like the style that they had in X & Y or A Rush of Blood to the Head. The second tune “Magic” has great beats! i liked it a lot. I listened the following tracks and the next one that like me was “Midnight”, i can hear the sounds of a track from Jon Hopkins clearly, a very ethereal song, perfect for listening at 3 am in the morning!  Another song that i liked was “Oceans”, again this tune remind me the style they had back in their first album “Parachutes”, the guitar riff and the electronic bassline arrangement  were incredible! ohhh! and then the beach sounds at the end just took me to paradise! it was perfect! And the closing track “O” was the most beatiful for me, the piano and the lyrics really make me feel sad, just like when you are in love and think about the possible time when you and that person special for you could no longer be together, and you feel scared about that, and melancholic about that, and sad about that…and if the lyrics and the piano were not enough you could listen to the hidden track at the end, it will take you into a sweet ride.

Well, that was it for this album, is what you could expect from Coldplay, it was great to listen to new tunes from them, and i hope i can see them one time in concert! Until that, i leave you the download link! Bye!

Coldplay – Ghost Stories

Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

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Vampire Weekend is a band that has kept attention from the media in the last months for this album. Their Third Album is very diferent from their two before because they “used their vintage analog tape machines, much of the overall sound and approach to the album was being able to record the drums to tape on an old Ampex machine, the band wanted a unique drum sound, and so they recorded in a room with high ceilings”.  

Unbelievers is a tune that you can listen if you want to cheer you up! Is a very upbeat tune that helps you to be in a good mood! I really liked Diane Young, they have the classic indie rock style, the drums are sick and the changes in the tempo and style of the song is incredible! I liked the quiet mood in Hanna Hunt, the piano and the minimalistic drum are perfect for a sunday morning.



I have to say that i expected more rock from Vampire Weekend, but they took a softly side in this album i think. Here is the link for the album. Vampires of the City

Wild Nothing – Gemini


Wild Nothing is an indie rock/dream pop band from Virginia formed in 2009. Their sound is very ethereal and nostalgic, perfect for when you are a little sad and blue. In this album, their first album, called Gemini, they have some very good gems, perfect soundtracks for a day at the beach.


My favorites on this album are: Summer Holiday! This one is perfect for the beach in a summer holiday like the title says, the ethereal voice and the guitar riffs creates a great atmosphere that could fit in a surf video. After a few tracks that sound good but don’t convince me comes Confirmation, a great song that has the same vibe as summer holiday, but in this one synths have a central role. Chinatown has a sound that reminds me to The Smiths, great tune too. Our Composition Book makes me thing about a sunset with my lovely girl in my car, driving to somewhere else and feeling free. I have to say that the solo of guitar is amazing too. 


I think that the album as a whole has some weak points but it has many great tracks that makes this band a one to keep in the ear.
Wild Nothing – Gemini (direct download link)

The XX – The XX



Hello again! I found this indie pop/dream pop band from England two years ago and i wanted to share their music because they have a very unique ethereal sound, i wanted to do this before but i didn’t have the opportunity until now. What i like about this band is their simplicity on their songs and the way that the female and the male voices melts together.

The songs that i like from this first album are: Crystalised – i think this song is perfect for a morning at the beach, i imagine this song as a soundtrack for a surf video, the interaction between the voices and the guitar riffs are fantastic -, Teardrops – this one have amazing guitar riffs again and the lyrics are amazing, is so depressing that is ok to hear this when you are feeling a little down-, VCR – i think this is a perfect lullaby song “you, you used to have all the answers” -,  Islands! This one is my favorite from the album! – such a joyful song! Beautiful one, great lyrics “i’m yours now…”, great rythm! A song that goes in crescendo and finish with a perfect resolution! You have to listen this one- Shelter is a good one too.


As usual, i leave the direct download here for your pleasure. Have fun!
The XX – The XX (direct download link)

Capital Cities – In a Tidal Wave of Mystery


Capital Cities! My favorite indie band at the moment, and they are coming to my country so i’m going to be there. The band from Los Angeles begins his career with this album and is a great start, they have incredible pieces here like “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast”, my favorite of the album the great “Kangaroo Court”! – i love this tune because it mixes well the indie pop style with some electro touches in it and the trumpet at the middle is just fantastic-, “I Sold My Bed but Not My Stereo” – this song is amazing, i really love the french house and this song has the french touch in it, the sampling technique is well too-. I liked “Origami” too for the guitar riffs in it that was perfectly mixed with the synth. “Tell Me How To Live” has a perfect guitar riff, a dirty one that remembers me to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” -i love this tune for his indie rock soul and the lyrics too, they even got an hindu riff that creates an incredible atmosphere of revenge!. What can i say? I enjoyed most of the tunes, is a really great piece of work and you should give it a try.


I left the album here for direct download. Have fun!  Capital Cities – In A Tidal Wave of Mistery (direct download)