Download Drake and the New Album More Life, full content dedicated to Rihanna


Drake releases More Life, but what is the meaning of the phrase “More Life”? More Life is used to wish someone the best for their life, to wish you the best for the future, and Drake releases this album after having finished his relationship with Rihanna, which makes it interesting to listen given that on the previous album “Views” Rihanna contributed a lot with her voice. The album begins with a style quite similar to “If You Are Reading This It’s Too Late”, songs with a high content in heavy hip hop: Free Smoke, Skepta Interlude and Portland, very good songs if you like more underground hip hop. I was really impressed with Nothings into Somethings, the quality of the sample used is really cold, empty, perfect for winter. As you progress on the album it gets darker and in Teenage Fever reaches the maximum point with a powerful sample taken from Jennifer Lopez’s song “If You Had My Love” (remember that it was linked to Drake Sentimentally with Jennifer Lopez for a while) with lyrics that talks about a possible betrayal on the part of her because she (probably Rihanna) has ruined the relationship by making all things to be about her, generating more drama than it should be. Do Not Disturb is another great song that paves the way for the most commercial ones on the album: Fake Love and Passionfruit, both with a great rhythm, great samples and a good lyrics that talks about the breaking of a love while he is still in love with her and can not do anything given that she is far away and the relationship falls apart. Drake on this album returned to his roots, using fairly strong samples in the underground sense of hip hop, experiencing a bit with Trip Hop and making catharsis of what Rihanna left behind, a good album after all.

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Top 10 Canciones de Drake

Top 10 Drake Songs

Siempre ha estado la batalla entre Drake vs Kendrick Lamar, pero en particular creo que no se les puede comparar porque ambos tienen distintos estilos dentro de un mismo genero. El estilo de Drake es un poco más meláncolico y experimental, con beats bastante enfocados en crear ambientes oscuros o coléricos y letras bastante enfocadas en la relación con sus ex novias, madre y desarrollo personal. Es uno de mis raperos favoritos en esta época. Por ello aquí va mi top 10 de las canciones de sus albums:

Top Drake Albums

  1. Over My Dead Body – Album: Take Care. Un track insuperablemente meláncolico enfocado en la pérdida del amor.
  2. Underground Kings – Album: Take Care. Un bassline poderoso desde el inicio que te envuelve con sus rimas enfocadas en el dinero y el desprecio por el amor.
  3. Cameras – Album: Take Care. Inicio enfocado en el jazz, un track bastante oscuro. 
  4. Fireworks – Album : Thank Me Later. Bastante soul provisto de la mano de Alicia Keys, la combinación del rap de Drake con el piano de Alicia es sublime para los amantes del RnB.
  5. Fancy (Feat T.I.) – Album: Thank Me Later. Un track con bastante ritmo, old school hip hop que cualquiera puede disfrutar.
  6. Legend – Album: If You’re Reading this its too late. Lo mejor de esta canción es el in crescendo desde el inicio con el beat minimalista hasta el complejo y explosivo final.
  7. 10 bands – Album : If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. El premio en este track se lo lleva el bassline completamente sucio, como para andar por la calle en el auto con el bajo al máximo.
  8. 6PM in New York – Album: If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. Las letras en este track son lo mejor para cuando necesitas algo de motivación.
  9. Started from the Bottom – Album: Nothing Was the Same. El bassline minimalista nuevamente y el rap de Drake te llevarán a buscar pelea sin motivo. O a burlarte de tus haters.
  10. Hold On, We are Going Home – Album: Nothing Was the Same. La canción más pop de Drake sin dudas.

Bonus tracks: Too Much (Feat. Sampa) + The Motion. Lo impresionante en estas canciones el soul que le pone Drake tanto a sus letras como al bassline, el conjunto del beat con rap hacen de estas dos canciones de lo mejor y más desarrollado que Drake ha logrado. Ese sería mi top personal de Drake. Cuales son los suyos?


[Download] GIRL, the Album that demonstrate that Pharrell is a genius [Spotify, Youtube and Download Link Inside]


The new from Pharrell dear sirs! A brand new funk and hip hop album. Starting with Brand New that has a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. I could use this song in a sunny morning to set a good mood! Gush is the perfect tune to set a sexy mood! I listen here the influence from Michael Jackson. With lyrics that says: “…Do you wanna get dirty girl? I like that ass on fire…” Happy is already a top tune around the world, what more can i say? Gust of Wind is another perfect tune with the best from the Disco Era in it! Great Funky Bassline from Daft Punk! perfect track! similar to Get Lucky. There is a hidden track in the song Lost Queen that got sounds of the beach and then begins a sexy bassline. The voice of Pharrell accompanies very well the style, sounds like a Timberlake tune.

I really enjoyed the album cause it has a fresh funky style, the collabs are amazing and the different style that the songs has are amazing. A worth to listen album.

Download Link: Download Girl from Pharrell Williams

Youtube Playlist: Girl from Pharrell Williams Playlist on Youtube

Spotify Playlist: Girl from Pharrell Williams on Spotify

[Download] Drake On Nothing Was The Same has the Best Lyrics [Spotify, Youtube and Download Links]


Drake has a lot of media attention and that could only be for a good reason. So i listened to Drake and the first time i didn’t liked the entire album, just a few tracks, the tempo is very low and his basslines are very minimalistic, i think that if you want to listen to Drake you have to be sad. About the songs, Wu Tang Forever is a down beat song with great lyrics, the bassline is very minimalistic with the repetitive phrase: “it’s yours”. It’s kinda a dark tune, the ups and downs in his tone combine perfectly with the soft changes in the bassline. Worst Behaviour has rudeness, cruelty on the lyrics and a mad bassline: “On my worst behaviour”, Drake goes personal here, to the time when no one wanted to listen to him. Hold on We’re going Home, i liked this for the beat, this song is the more commercial one in the album i think. Too Much has beats and a sample line that is very similar to the ones that Kendrick use, and for that i liked the song, a sad tune for the night. Come Thru got my attention with the first beat, it reminds me the style that Ne Yo had, and the lyrics are amazing: “Girl you got that thing for real”. The Motion was the final tune in an amazing album, specially for the lyrics: “Is not me and you, It’s  not me it is you”.

The media critics said: “Lyrically, NWTS is Drake’s strongest yet. As he goes from “something between psychotic and iconic” on “Furthest Thing” to name-dropping ex-girlfriends Bria, Summer and “Kourtney from Hooters on Peach Street” on “From Time,” his lyrics flow seamlessly, melting tracks together. Everything unfolds as he delves into a history of family troubles, career struggles and toxic relationships”.

If you want to download the album here is the link: Download Nothing Was The Same from Drake

Youtube Playlist: Nothing Was The Same from Drake Youtube Playlist

Spotify Playlist: Spotify Playlist for Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

Why you should listen to Ne-yo – Champagne Life album?

Hello there, i just heard this album from Ne Yo,  and i have to say that i liked this track called Champagne life. this track is good, good lyrics and good beat. Ne-yo singing about the life of the dreams, champagne, relax and sexy woman all the time.  The song Drinks Up follows the same line, back to the lyrics about the champagne life and the party. Then cames this excellent song called Super High, the best tune in the album! with the style of the old school hip hop. Great rhythm. Finally, the last reason for listen to this album is Rock with you, a song with a very different vibe because this song was written for Janet Jackson and has a disco vibe in it.

The download link is:—Champagne-Life-2010-MIXFIEND.rar