Download: Pharrell Williams – G I R L (Deluxe Edition)


The new from Pharrell dear sirs! I have been waiting so long for this album because i remember when i was 15 years old and listened to the music from this man and at that time was hot! So i guess with the years he just get better. And he demonstrates that in the latests tunes with Daft Punk Loose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky. Let’s see what he got this time!

Brand New has a collaboration with Justin Timberlake! And the bassline combined with the funky guitar riff are a really great match!  it has the style that Timberlake use to do with trumpets and claps, this has a great funky style! I could use this song in a sunny morning to set a good mood! Great. Gush is the perfect tune to set a sexy mood! Just my kind of style here, the lyrics, the bassline and the guitar riff are just perfect! i listen here the influence from Michael Jackson. With lyrics that says: “…Do you wanna get dirty girl? I like that ass on fire…” Another great funky tune here. Listen to it. Happy is already a top tune around the world, what more can i say? Gust of Wind is another perfect tune with the best from the Disco Era in it! The tempo, the great funky bassline and even a collaboration with Daft Punk! this one is a perfect track! It follows the style that Daft Punk setted in Get Lucky too. There is a hidden track, or a second part in the song Lost Queen that i liked after the sounds of the beach dissapear begins a very sexy bassline, just like the style that i love. The voice of Pharrell accompanies very well the style, sounds like a Timberlake tune. Great part!

Pharrell Williams - GIRL

I really enjoyed the album cause it has a fresh funky style, the collabs are amazing and the different style that the songs has are amazing. A worth to listen album. Here i leave the link to download:

Drake – Nothing Was the Same (2013)



Nothing was the Same from Drake this time. I personally, liked more the style from Kendrick Lamar, but i decided to give a try to Drake because the media attention that he has kept is incredidble, and that only could be for a good reason. So i listened to Drake and the first time i didn’t liked the entire album, just a few tracks, the tempo is very low and the basslines are very minimalistic, i like the more jazz oriented basslines like the ones that Kendrick uses. Besides that, after a few replays i finally get the vibe and liked more tunes. Finally, the tracks that most liked me were the next ones.

Wu Tang Forever is a down beat song with great lyrics, the bassline is very minimalistic with the repetitive phrase: “it’s yours”. It’s kinda a dark tune, but the style that Drake use to sing, the ups and downs in his tone combine perfect with the soft changes in the bassline. On the other side, i loved Worst Behaviour for this rudeness, the cruelty in the lyrics and the mad bassline,  “On my worst behaviour”, Drake goes personal here, to the time when no one wanted to listen to him. This song is perfect for training, i use it at the gym. Hold on We’re going Home, i liked this for his beats, it could be confused with a Chill Out song i have to say, this song is the more commercial one in the album i think. When i heared Too Much i though that this was a collaboration with Kendrick, actually the beats and the sample line that is used in this tune is very similar to the ones that Kendrick use commonly, and for that i liked the song. Come Thru got my attention with the first beat, it reminds me the style that Ne Yo had, and the lyrics are amazing: “Girl you got that thing for real” . The Motion was the final tune in the album that liked me, specially for the beat and the tempo and the arragements in it.

drake - nothing was the same


The media critics said: “Lyrically, NWTS is Drake’s strongest yet. As he goes from “something between psychotic and iconic” on “Furthest Thing” to name-dropping ex-girlfriends Bria, Summer and “Kourtney from Hooters on Peach Street” on “From Time,” his lyrics flow seamlessly, melting tracks together. Everything unfolds as he delves into a history of family troubles, career struggles and toxic relationships”.  I Leave here the album for your pleasure. Drake – Nothing Was the Same 


Kid Cudi – Dat Kid From Cleveland Mixtape

  Hi there, this time i bring to you this artist Kid Cudi that i’m sure you already have listened from. Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi (born January 30, 1984), better known by his stage name Kid Cudi (pronounced /ˌkɪd ˈkʌdi/, kid KUH-dee), sometimes stylized as KiD CuDi, is an American rapper, singer and actor. He first gained major attention after the release of his debut mixtape A Kid Named Cudi. In 2009, his single “Day ‘n’ Nite” reached the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. “Day ‘n’ Nite” is part of Cudi’s debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day. Cudi has also worked with Kanye West, Common, David Guetta and other artists signed to the GOOD Music label. So with that in mind, let’s try this album. Track 3 – I Poke Her Face: The bassline here is funnier, more vitally and has a vocal line from Lady Gaga. Really a good performance from the DJ and the rapper, is not hip hop, is rap actually. I really like his old school style rap. Very Good! Track 5 – Look Up in Da Stars: Impressive arrangements and bassline, I’m mean it, they’re really good!! The tempo is slower in this track and the rapping continues impressing me with a very solid performance. The track is not clubber at all but the bassline has the power to transport you to another place. Good style!  Track 13 – Buggin out 2009: Damn! The bassline here is not from another world, but what deserves the credit here is the very good performance of Cudi, because his rap style demonstrates the old school style that I was talking about a little earlier. If you like the old school rap this is your track! Very good. Track 14 – Sky High: The arrangement here is very impressive, is a remake sample from the song of Kanye West with guitar riffs touches from flashing lights! I like it, really. The slow tempo is o.k. but the inconvenience here is that the song is very short. Really good track! Track 15 – 09 Freestyle: DAMN!! I didn’t hear so sick bassline for a rap song in a while, very very well actually! I give this song 5 stars, is pure rap, new school sick rap! Slow tempo but fits well! GREAT!! Track 16 – Switchin’ Lanes: I really feel the beat with this track! It transmits a very good feel, good rapping from Cudi jointed with his DJ that brings to us an excellent bassline. GREAT!

The album has a very weird quantity of tracks in this album, I really expected something funnier, Kid Cudi brings to us in this mixtape his more underground rapper side. The DJ shines with the bassline in almost every song. If you like the very deep rap style you can listen to this disc, but if you’re looking for songs that can make you dance I don’t recommend this. That’s all for today friends! Download Kid Cudi – That Kid from Cleveland. 

Download: Ne-yo – Champagne Life

Hello there, i just heard this album from Ne Yo,  and i have to say that i liked this track called Champagne life. this track is good, good lyrics and good beat. Neyo singing about the life of the dreams, champagne, relax and sexy woman all the time.  Drinks Up, in this song, Ne-yo goes back to the lyrics about the champagne life and the party and is great at his shit so this is also a good hip hop track.  Super High, this is the best tune in the album! it has the style of the old school hip hop. Great rythm. Rock with you has the new disco style, very diferent vibe from what we usually hear from Ne-yo, but that is because this song was written for Janet Jackson, so there is the explanation.

That is it for this album, that were the best tracks in it. I give this album 3 stars. If you want to hear it this is the link:—Champagne-Life-2010-MIXFIEND.rar  That’s all for now, see ya in the next release. Thanks.