Download: Pharrell Williams – G I R L (Deluxe Edition)


The new from Pharrell dear sirs! I have been waiting so long for this album because i remember when i was 15 years old and listened to the music from this man and at that time was hot! So i guess with the years he just get better. And he demonstrates that in the latests tunes with Daft Punk Loose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky. Let’s see what he got this time!

Brand New has a collaboration with Justin Timberlake! And the bassline combined with the funky guitar riff are a really great match!  it has the style that Timberlake use to do with trumpets and claps, this has a great funky style! I could use this song in a sunny morning to set a good mood! Great. Gush is the perfect tune to set a sexy mood! Just my kind of style here, the lyrics, the bassline and the guitar riff are just perfect! i listen here the influence from Michael Jackson. With lyrics that says: “…Do you wanna get dirty girl? I like that ass on fire…” Another great funky tune here. Listen to it. Happy is already a top tune around the world, what more can i say? Gust of Wind is another perfect tune with the best from the Disco Era in it! The tempo, the great funky bassline and even a collaboration with Daft Punk! this one is a perfect track! It follows the style that Daft Punk setted in Get Lucky too. There is a hidden track, or a second part in the song Lost Queen that i liked after the sounds of the beach dissapear begins a very sexy bassline, just like the style that i love. The voice of Pharrell accompanies very well the style, sounds like a Timberlake tune. Great part!

Pharrell Williams - GIRL

I really enjoyed the album cause it has a fresh funky style, the collabs are amazing and the different style that the songs has are amazing. A worth to listen album. Here i leave the link to download:

Los Amigos Invisibles – The New Sound of Venezuelan Gozadera


The best latinoamerican funky group! Seriously, if you like good funky shit this is definitely the band that you have to listen to!  And the album “The New Sound of Venezuelan Gozadera” is the one that put them on the map.


This Venezuelan Band has its origin on the year 1997 when they produced their first album but with not much success, but in they had the lucky to be listened by an ex member of the Talking Heads:David Byrne, he liked their sound and make them sign for his label. Since then the trip whas amazing for “Los Amigos Invisibles” and they demonstrated their talent with this album.


The best songs from the album are “UltraFunk” -a fresh sound with sounds from the funk of the seventies-, “Sexy” – an incredible journey into the disco funk music – “, “Las Lycras del Avila” – a very relaxing trip to the beach, one of my favorites i have to say- “Cachete a Cachete” – a sexy tune, a good one actually, my kind of tune- and the incredible “Ponerte en Cuatro” – this is a very special song for me, i listened it when i was 10 years old and since then i discovered that the vibe that the most liked me was the funk! The disco! This one is so perfect, so funky! You have to listen this!!! “Cha chaborro” – a chachachá, can you believe it? This band is so eclectic  that you can have funk and chachacha in the same album! And this one is a classic chachachá -.

This album is a very good trip to the funky disco sound, one that you will love and enjoy so much that you will become addicted to this kind of music. Give it a try, i leave the link here.

Los Amigos Invisibles – The New Sound Of Venezuelan Gozadera (download link)