The Barry Brother’s Band – Yawnin in the Dawnin

Hello out there!! This time I’m bringing to you something special: The new EP from the Barry Brother’s Band called Yawnin in the Dawnin. This band is from Hume, New York and plays folk rock. Folk rock is a genre that surged in the middle of 1960 and that uses instruments from the psychedelic rock and from the local folk tradition. Some pioneers from this genre were The Birds and even Bob Dylan. In the United States, folk rock arose mainly from the confluence of three elements: the urban vocal groups of the folk revival; folk-protest singer-songwriters; and the revival of North American rock and roll after the British Invasion (this refers to the time when The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,  The Dave Clark Five, Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Kinks, andHerman’s Hermits amongst others, dominated the U.S. music charts in the beginning of 1964 until 1966).

In the band Patrick Barry plays the Guitar/Harmonica, Benjamin Barry plays the Bass and Bradford Barry plays the drums and this is their new ep, so let’s start!

  1. Yawnin’ in the Dawnin’: The song begins with the voices of the three brothers together in a very harmonic way, then the sound of a bass joins the voices and completes the song. When you listen to this, you may feel like you’re in a meeting with friends and everyone had begun to sing with a few beers around. A startup that transmits the feeling of the album. Good.
  2. For your Own Good: This song has very energetic beginning and a fast tempo. Is a funny song, that transmits the message that you should do what you think is the best for you. The harmonic at the beginning gives you the vibe of a happy sunday morning, and then sound of the drums and the guitar joined are great! The vocals are performed with an energetic style and fits great with the band, the solo of guitar and bass at the middle of the song is great because first is progressive and then explodes. This song give me a rush of energy. Great! 4/5
  3. Carnival(e): This song begins with a downtempo bass, a sound of guitars and a voice performed in a smooth way. You can feel like you are entering some kind of roller coaster in a carnival that goes slowly first and then goes fast! and that’s what happens at the minute 1:22 when the song turns to an uptempo with some touches of rage because the voice, the guitar riff and the drums are harder and faster an even enters the harmonic , but just for a moment. After the rage, the song turns to an slower tempo again, like the moment when the fall in the rollercoaster stops and you are going again to the top; the song goes faster again with the characteristics in the band that i have mentioned already for the slower and faster tempo  in the song. The top of the energy in the song is in the end, with the voice that reaches very high grounds! This gives me another shot of energy. Great! 3.5/5
  4. Three years in Carolina:The song begins with the voice, the sound of the guitar and the drums performing all in a smooth and excellent way, you can feel relaxed when you listen to this. The song transmits the sadness of a lost love in the past, you can listen to this when you are sad or relaxed. At the middle of the song enters the harmonic without voices and the combination of the guitar riffs, the drums and the harmonic is just amazing! And to finish the song turns slower and the voice that falls down fit the end perfectly. Really, you have to listen to this song! Excellent! 5/5.
  5. Drink One More: The song begins with the singer that performs in a relaxed way, with a melancholic guitar riff and a soft sound from the drums in the background. This song has a slower tempo in general, and transmits this melancholic feeling that is good for the night when you want to feel relaxed. At the minute 3:30 there is an interesting solo of vocals, that finishes followed with the drums and even some kind of arragement that closes the song with high energy. Good. 3.5/5
  6. Love Something Too Much: Another melancholic song with the relaxed voice followed by guitar riffs and softly drums. There is an interesting change in the song because when the voice turns more agressive the drums are played with more rage and the same for the guitar. At the minute 3 there is a solo of one voice with arragements in the background. I imagine this song played at the end of a movie. Good but not good enough. 2.5/5
  7. Great Unknown: I can feel that this will be an excellent song just with the beginning. The way in that the guitar is played is more melancholic than the last song, but fits perfect with the voice. I hear one kinda piano followed by a softly drums. This song is perfect for the end of the EP. This song transmits the sadness of the last goodbye. The arrangement of the entire song flows perfectly and the end of the song is just epic! Great! 4/5.

This  EP marks an interesting beginning from this band, there are songs that are great for when you need a rush of energy (I feel something similar with the R.E.M. from the 80’s in this style of songs), for when you need to feel relaxed and even when you are sad and melacholic. Definitively, you need to listen this band and i recommend to start with their song Three Years in Carolina, the best song in the EP for me.

So, that’s all! Enjoy. Here is the link (For promo only):