Download: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

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Hello again! This time i will bring to you one of the best albums from the 2013: Random Access Memories from Daft Punk. The album was one of the most awaited from me because i follow this duo since i was i child, as i said in earlier posts. . The album pays tribute to the late 1970s and early 1980s era of music in the United States, particularly the sounds that emerged from Los Angeles. Unlike their previous studio albums, Daft Punk recruited session musicians to perform live instrumentation in professional recording locations, and limited the use of electronic instruments to drum machines, a custom-built modular synthesizer, and vintage vocoders. The album features collaborations with Giorgio MoroderPanda BearJulian CasablancasTodd EdwardsDJ FalconChilly GonzalesNile RodgersPaul Williams, and Pharrell Williams. Great collabs i have to say! I like the ones with Nile Rodgersm Pharrell and Panda Bear on it.

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They avoided the use of samples on the album, with the exception of the closing track “Contact”. The album begins with the great opener called “Give life back to music”, a message to all the electronic dance music around the world that only uses sampling techniques without any feeling behind them. This tune is a great start, it gives you a very refreshing feeling. Instant Crush with Casablancas at the vocals is a tune that mixes a sad feeling with energy, the electric guitar sound at the chorus of the song is incredible! you can listen to when you broke with your girl i though. Lose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky are well known songs around the world right now, and they are amazing cause they bring back the vibe from the 70’s era with Neil Rodgers at the Guitar. Great tunes both of them. They make you want to dance.  Fragments of Time has great lyrics! and the feeling that the tune gives to you is a warm, soft one. I can imagine listening to this song in a sunday afternoon coming back from the beach. 

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In general, i think that the people wanted something so big as the Discovery album, but this album, with his highs and lows, is a great one, because it brings the disco era and the real music vibe back again! Is a good one to have.

I leave the link here to download – If the link don’t work anymore please let me know with a comment so i can upload it again- :


Download: Daft Punk – Discovery


I remember that i had 12 years old when i first bought this album, it really set a time in my memory, i’m glad that i had such a great musical taste as a kid. This album is a classic one now, given the success from R.A.M. the last year.


With this album, they released the movie Interstella 5555, a great history that accompanies the music from the album. Actually, the movie itself has a great history inside. I remember waiting for the videoclips in parts in MTV, there wasn’t no Youtube at that time, we have to wait for it. If you didn’t look at the movie yet, you have to.


My favorites tunes: ALL THE ALBUM!. High Life, Something about us, Face to Face and Digital Love are the best between the best for me. I leave the download here, for your pleasure: Daft Punk – Discovery

Daft Punk – Discovery

Calvin Harris – I Created Disco

Hello there!  Knowing that the third album from this artist is about to be released, this time i bring to you the debut album from Calvin Harris! It was released in the year 2007 and peaked at number eight on the UK Albums Chart. The writing and recording for I Created Disco started in 2006 when Harris moved back to his hometown of Dumfries, Scotland after living in London for two years. All recording and producing for the album took place on an Amiga computer with the program OctaMED in Harris’s home studio, called Calvinharrisbeats Studio. All fourteen tracks on the album were written, produced and performed solely by Harris. Tracklisting:

  1. Marrymaking at my place: The first song makes me remember a N.E.R.D. style of music. Down beat groove 3.5/5
  2. Colours: Something of Nu Disco here mixed with something like french-electro, the tempo of the beat is ok for listen but not for dance. Great sample of the Nu Disco era here. 4/5
  3. This is the industry: Here we have some pure electro style as it was in the eighties, this song is very strange but has it good beats after all. 2.5/5
  4. The girls: Ok this is one of the released singles from Calvin Harris before the releasing of this album and was received very good between the critics. The lyrics are splendid for me and the beat is very good like electro-pop! Great! 4.5/5
  5. Acceptable in the 80’s: I like this song specially because is very electro, it reminds me the good times back in the eighties when the groove was on his pike but also is mixed with nu disco style so it has my two favorites styles in one song! The lyrics are splendid too, this is an excellent song! 4.5/5
  6. Neon Rocks: I don’t expected that kind of intro! GREAT BASSLINE in the intro at least! The vocals performed by Calvin Harris is great also, and then the song has strange beats but ok after all. 3.5/5
  7. Traffic Cops: This is just and outro song.
  8. Vegas: Hey! this song have the beat from acceptable in the 80’s but with a faster tempo, the lyrics are good, is a danceable song too. In the middle of the track the beat changes and became a little more Nu Disco than acceptable in the 80’s. Great tune! 4/5
  9. I Created Disco: the song with the album name is a very fast tempo song, kinda dark electro. It reminds me the song from Cars – Run because his dark beat. It is 3.5/5 
  10. Disco Heat: Nu Disco here!! this is the style that Calvin Harris has developed very well and the vein of his success in the music industry, is a song for listen, for dance or for wake up! 3.5/5
  11. Vault Character: this is just an outro song
  12. Certified: good beats, good sampling! and very Nu Disco style of song! Not danceable but good for listen. 3/5
  13. Love Souvenir: This is a very weird song inside the album, it has the style from Daft Punk – Digital love inside but it has some of RnB music inside, very interesting song for me. I definitely love this tune! 4.5/5
  14. Electro man: Ok, this is a more melodic song kinda romantic i dare to say. I don’t like the tempo and the style of this song, isn’t electro isn’t Nu Disco, i don’t know what is but the lyrics are ok. 2.5/5
That’s all for this time! I give this album 3.5/5, it has good tracks it has bad tracks but it worth the time to listen to Calvin Harris, as always! Here is the link (for promo only):