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The first album from Breakbot: By Your Side is now a 2000’s classic because it is filled with what was denominated as the Disco revival, Niu Disco and French House. Since Daft Punk we didn’t have such quality in the production on what is called a soft house music, or something nearest to beach house. For me, this album is a masterpiece and it has established Breakbot as a new ‘god like’ in the french disco house scene, with songs like “One out of Two”, “Fantasy”, “By Your Side Pt. 2” and “Baby I’m Yours”, you will have a nice sunny sunday.

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Flight Facilities – Forgotten Summer Mixtape

If there is one thing that i love about Flight Facilities is the ability that they have to create a really chilled mixtape, that when you listen to it you are transported to a day at the beach with sunny vibes.

This mixtape is no exception to that. Filled with beach house, you will enjoy this if you want to chill.

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Tracklist of the mixtape
Tracklist of the mixtape part II

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Random Access Memories, the Return of Daft Punk [Spotify, Youtube and Download links Inside]

random access memories 1

2013 was a year where Random Access Memories (RAM) from Daft Punk took the world. The album pays tribute to the late 1970s and early 1980s era of music in the United States, particularly the sounds that emerged from Los Angeles. Unlike their previous studio albums, Daft Punk recruited session musicians to perform live instrumentation in professional recording locations, and limited the use of electronic instruments to drum machines, a custom-built modular synthesizer, and vintage vocoders. The album features collaborations with Giorgio MoroderPanda BearJulian CasablancasTodd EdwardsDJ FalconChilly GonzalesNile RodgersPaul Williams, and Pharrell Williams

The album begins with Give life back to music, a message to all the electronic dance music around the world that only uses sampling techniques without any feeling behind them. Lose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky are well known songs around the world right now, and they are amazing because they bring back the vibe from the 70’s era with Neil Rodgers at the Guitar. Fragments of Time has great lyrics and a warm/soft feeling. I can imagine listening to this song in a sunday afternoon coming back from the beach.

In general, this album, with his highs and lows, is a great one, because it brings the disco era and the real music vibe back again, but is not as good as Discovery was. Notwithstanding, is a good one to have.

random access memories 3

I leave the link here to download: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Download)

Youtube playlist: Random Access Memories on Youtube

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