Pitbull – Armando Review

Hi people, i’m back again and ready for another impressive disc. This time is the turn of Pitbull. I really enjoy his tracks, because he uses many house samples for his basslines and that makes his songs very danceable. Let’s go.

The new disc is Armando, something curious because he named like this to honor his father. So let’s listen and review:

Track 1: Armando.  Okey, this track is an intro track, leasts minus of two minutes, so let’s go with the next track.

Track 2: Maldito Alcohol. Well this track was already on the clubs, the radio and many mp3’s players. This is a very clubber song, a good combination of pitbull and the house producer Afrojack. The bassline is very progressive. Excelent!

Track 3: Esta Noche. I was very surprised with this song. The bassline has the sample of one of the tops house songs this year: Be. The track has the same rythm of the bests Pitbull’s songs and i can tell that this track will be soon on the radios and parties all around the globe. Excelent!!!

Track 4: Mujeres. What the hell whas thinking Pitbull when he makes this crap???? The rythm is very weird, but not in the good way, is very bad! seems like a piano synthesized for a kid. I will say that pitbull makes this bassline, awful. BAD!!!

Track 5: Bon Bon. This is more like the pitbull style: mix his vocals with a very succesful and clubber house track: this time was we don’t speak americano (panamericano). The combination resulted in a very good song, excelent for a party and i will say that better than the original house song. Excelent!

Track 6: Guantanamera. This track is dedicated to the legend Celia Cruz. It has a slowly tempo, but is a mix with a house sample bassline too. Not too much danceable or clubber song, but listeneable. The track is not progressive, it don’t explodes like the others song in the disc. Good.

Track 7:  Tu cuerpo. Okey this track has a great vocal, the lyrics are the best and the bassline has a very danceable beat. The “body” of the song isn’t so good like the intro, and the chorus is okey but not so good enough.  I think that’s because Pitbull makes the bassline for this too, and is not so elaborated like a house track. Okey.

Track 8: Vida 23 . Well, another kinda house track of Pitbull. The bassline is so so, but the lyrics are good and talks about the good life. It has a break that turns to a kinda electro bass but the tempo is slow and makes the song kind of boring. So so.

Track 9: Amorosa. A brazilian intro? This is new, interesting. It has a kinda axé bassline and some brazilian vocal makes this a good song. But is a lineal track, not so explosive like the afrojack song, the vocals of pitbull are very lineal and well, i will say that is more of the same of pitbull. So so.

Track 10: Watagatapitusberry. The bassline of this track is very good!!!! It has very colaborations, and the voice of pitbull is not the principal here, that’s something refreshing!! finally. It’s a funny song, but not so clubber. Good.

Track 11: Orgullo. This track isn’t good, isn’t danceable at all. If you’re latinoamerican, the lyrics will mean something to you but is not listeable nor danceable, and that makes this song bad. Bad.

Track 12: Preguntale.  Okey, some of hip hop here. Maybe is the first hip hop song from him, and is not so bad. The bassline is okey, and the lyrics refers about another artists like “daddy yankee”, “don omar”, “fat joe”, something characteristic about rap and hip hop. If you are looking for something danceable this song will seem bad, but if you listen the hip hop side is good. Good.

Well, in general the disc is the same about Pitbull, good dance basslines mixed with his lyrics that already makes good songs but when he tries to be more creative and makes his own basslines, his songs do not results so good. The style of this disc seems repetitive, and there is nothing very impressive at all, and that means that Pitbull goes from his initial creation of amazing tracks to the concentration only to club tracks, and for that i give the disc 3 stars.

The bests tracks are: Maldito Alcohol, Esta noche and Bon Bon.

This is the link for the album (for promo only):  www.megaupload.com/?d=6DKJRCAI