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Long life to the King Lizard! I love The Doors, i love their music, i love their vibe, i love the era that they belong to. This discography is a must have, i think that all the albums that has Jim Morrison in it is a must have, the other ones are just for the experts and the true fans. In American Prayer there is a great track too. But well, here i leave the links for you: The Doors – The Doors: The Doors – Strange Days: The Doors – Waiting for the Sun: The Doors – The Soft Parade: The Doors – Morrison Hotel: The Doors – LA Woman: The Doors – Other Voices: The Doors – An American Prayer:

The Beatles – The Alternate Abbey Road


What can i say about the beatles that you don’t know? There is so much written about them that is a bad exercise categorize this songs. Many fans think that this album is better than the original one, i think that too! But well you have to decide. The best songs for me are:

1 Come Together (take 1)
5 Octopus’s Garden (take 32)
6 I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7 Here Comes the Sun
8 Because (take 16)
9 You Never Give Me Your Money (Unreleased take)
10 Sun King (Early mix)
12 Polythene Pam
13 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
14 Golden Slumbers (Early take)
15 Carry That Weight (Early take)
16 The End (Early Instrumental mi
20 Come and Get It (demo
22 Something (demo)
23 Old Brown Shoe (demo)
24 All Things Must Pass (demo)
25 The End (take 7)


As usual, i leave the link here for your pleasure!
The Beatles – The Alternate Abbey Road (direct download link)


Amy Winehouse – Frank

Hello world out there; to continue with the discography from Amy Winehouse (that is not as extensive for the reasons we all already know) this time I will analyze his debut album called “Frank”. This title alludes to the nature and tone of Amy’s lyrics on the album. The album had received very good reviews and critics, one of the most remarkable was the one from Billboard: “a stellar album” and said that Winehouse’s vocals are “wobblier than now, yet still astounding”.

About this album Amy said in an interview:  “When I say ‘Frank’s in there and I don’t care,’ that is literally a Frank Sinatra CD. He bought me it for Christmas and I was putting all his stuff in a box, like his T-shirt that I used to sleep in. He bought me Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours – ironically, cos it’s one of the classic heartbreak albums of all time. Frank as a title for the album is a good word, It is frank… Dunno. Maybe with more time I would have come up with a better title, Sinatra had an emotional connection with music. That was his thing. He had the tone in his voice. But singers? I know a hundred singers that piss on Frank. And musicians. And just as a person: he was an arsehole. But he had an emotional connection to songs that touched everyone, women, men, soldiers”. So with the name of the album we can expect what it comes inside I guess. Without further adieu let’s start:

01. Stronger Than Me (Intro): Great intro! The voice of Amy shines because her up and downs in notes, and the reaching of very high notes. She is accompanied by an excellent band that plays blues; excellent drums, guitar riff, even saxo and a trumpet!The solo at the minute 3 is just amazing! One of the best songs in the album 5/5

02. You Sent Me Flying: A piano and some rain effects, with the voice of Amy performing an excellent song! The beginning of the song has the style of a jazzy song, but then becomes RnB!!! With Djs scratch even!! And the piano in the background!! Just breathtaking!!! Great!!! Another 5/5

03. Know You Now: Hard bass and drums at the start, with birds in the background in an uptempo beat. This reminds me of a Bossa Nova style of song again! The performance of Amy is just incredible! The voice is great! As the song goes on enters a guitar riff and another instruments like flute, just incredible!! 5/5 

05. I Heard Love Is Blind: This song is one of my favorites of the album for his lyrics. It has excellent lyrics that make you think about an infidelity and what is love really, all of this involved with the perfect voice of Amy, no drums in this song just guitar riffs and bass. This song is excellent for the aura that creates. Perfect! 5/5 

06. Moody’s Mood For Love: I don’t know if are the headset that I’m using but the instruments in this song are incredible: a piano, a saxo, a bassline arrangement, a bass guitar, drums and some instruments that are used in reggae too. The voice of Amy sounds relaxed in a downtempo song with the style of bossa and jazz. Perfect! 5/5. 

15. Brother: This song has an excellent beginning with a dj scratch and a heavy drum in the background, and then the voice of Amy enters with a relaxed and soft note. She plays with the plasticity in the notes creating a song that transmits a relaxing atmosphere. The touches of the guitar with the arrangement in the bass line are just perfect to create an atmosphere in a morning at the beach or any Sunday morning when you wake up relaxed. Great! 5/5

16. Mr. Magic (Through the Smoke): The guitar riff solo at the beginning announces a very funky song. Then the bass and the voice of Amy enter generating an excellent mix of guitar riffs bassline an voices (vocal accompaniment is performed by Amy too). This song has a very jazzy funky style with a normal tempo. The end of the song with trumpets closes the song in a fantastic way. Excellent!! 5/5

When I start to make the review for this album I do not expect to find too many good songs because it was the debut album of Amy, but there is a lot of excellent jazzy funky style of songs that are just brilliant. There are bad songs too but the songs that are excellent make me wanna repeat and repeat that track and don’t make me feel tired of it. The album has a style of “glossy admixture of breezy funk, dub and jazz-inflected soul” that is just breath taking.


Download: Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind

Hello there again!! This time i’m  bringing to you this album from Nina Simone called “Wild is The Wind“. This album is in the list of “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”.  Something interesting (at least for me) is that Nina Simone’s true name is Eunice Kathleen Waymon and she wanted to be the first black women concert pianist, but instead of that she worked in Jazz, Blues, Soul, Folk and RnB because of the racial prejudice that was so strong back in that era and that’s the reason behind the style of her songs, that seems so influenced from Bach and the classical music. Definitively, his style and performance made history, Nina has influenced many artists in the world (Christina Aguilera). This album is the 18th from 43 albums, a very extensive career hah? The bests songs in this album are: I love your lovin’ ways: it made me remind the old west movies with sounds from blues, just a piano,drums and a bass, is all what you need. What more can i say is a soft song, the strings of a bass with a low tempo, a perpetual accord from the piano and the progression of the drums makes this song a romantic song that melts perfectlywith the excellent performance of Nina. That’s all i ask, great performance, great band, touches of piano, bass, all the instruments involved make this the best song in the album! Break down and let it all out: brilliant!! Why keep on breaking my heart: The lyrics are incredible! Wild is the wind: Nina turns blue for this slow tempo, sad song, that evidence a lost. I have to say that the voice of Nina and her performance are brilliant! I definitively want to hear more from her.

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (Deluxe Edition)

Hello world! I want to make a posthumous tribute to this excellent artist. Many things have been said about his cause of death but i’m not gonna discuss that here, i just want to analyze the brightness of his performances and her artistry. When she does this disc, she was a young singer locked in a studio making one of the best R&B albums of our generation. An album that, in fact, spanned generations. Heavily influenced by the classic soul of Etta James, the rebellious doo-wop of The Shangri-Las and The Ronettes and just a touch of Slick RickWinehouse’s sophomore album Back to Black came at the perfect time. So let’s start:


  1. Rehab: Winehouse’s breakthrough single, the song that turned her into a cultural reference point, has been so overplayed but you really can’t understand Winehouse, and our fascination with her, without Rehab. We’d heard artists revel in their addictions before, but not with this kind of happy defiance. The juxtaposition between the clapping production and the darkness that’s hinted at but never truly revealed is compelling in a strange way that I don’t really understand, and I don’t think the thousands of people who joyfully sang along to Rehab understood either. There was just something about Rehab that made you want to hear it again and again. Excellent! 5/5
  2. You Know i’m no good: God damn!! the intro is just sick!!! A catchy bassline that i would like to replay over and over again, then cames the voice of Amy performing and excellent Blues Song, with Saxo and excellent guitar riffs, this song can be better! You can’t help but fall in love with this song.  5/5
  3. Me and Mr. Jones: Vintage jazzy style in this song, can transport you back to the olds 50’s, when the war was over and the people watched movies in the car. Excellent performance from Amy followed with a truly jazz band. 4.5/5
  4. Just FriendsSince the beginning of the song i knew that this will be a great song. The accords can make you fall in love in the moment that you hit start, kinda reggae style of song for the style that the saxo is played but at the time a romatic song, this song makes me fall in love. I don’t know precisely how to describe this song just as breathtaking. 6/5
  5. Back to Black: The title track of the album name transmit what Amy want to make feel to the listener in the entire disc: the blue of the lost love, the emptyness that you feel when your heart is broken and you go to the depression. The lyrics: ” you go back to her And I go back to 
    Black…”  explain my point. Another excellent performance from the band that from the minute 3 of the song takes the lead and shine with strings, violins and jazzy drums. 5/5
  6. Love is a losing game: Another love song from Amy, performed with a relaxing voice (with this you can see the shaping capability that she can do with his voice) a blue song, a sad song, a lost love song, that can make you feel sad but at the same time happy for the bassline. Remarkable the presence of a catchy guittar riff. 5/5
  7. Tears dry on their own: A happy song! the bassline, the drums and the keyboard joins to an excellent up tempo vocals performed from Amy, you can see here the great Amy shining not just for his voice but for the way that fits his voice to the progression of the song. Not so good end. 3.5/5
  8. Wake up alone: The intro of this song is just like a travel to the 60’s 50’s again. Just as breath taking again, a love song that reveals the addiction of the artist. From the band you can hear all over the song a catchy bassline, a joyful guitar riff and finally a great piano accord. Great! 4.5/5
  9. Some unholy war: Just the bassline and the guitar riff are GREAT! but then the song starts with the voice of Amy telling us that she would be behind his man wherever he where: “But who you dying for B, I would have died too…” Is this a sign of what she was thinking? to die for love? well who could know. The lyrics, the band and Amy performed another great song. 4/5.
  10. He can only hold her: I am impressed by this band, ok Amy is GREAT! but she had an excellent band too, and this could be seen here: Great accords, guitar riffs, bassline, scratch from dj turntables also, and trumpets makes this song a delicious song to be listened whenever, wherever and whatever state of mind you are. AMAZING! 6/5
  11. Addicted:  The last song from the first disc follows the line of the disc, a blue song with touches of jazz that can take you back to the 50’s era. Here she talks about drugs and an exchange of love symbolized with weed hahaha. There is again the band performing a progressive song with a touch of flute that give this song a sophisticated style. 4/5


  1. Valerie: No drums in this song that remarks the voice of Amy. She is followed just by a piano string and a guitar. A happy song, but not so great as the other of the album. 2/5
  2. Cupid: Another good reggae style song where the chorus that follows the voice of Amy give this song the style of UB40 mixed with touches of jazz. This transmit to the listener a feeling of relax in a sunny day of summer. Good. 3/5
  3. Monkey man: This is a weird song with a reggae style. Not more of the blue sound that can make you fall in love in the first CD1. I really don’t like this song but is funny in some way. Bored song 2/5
  4. To know him is to love him: A sad song, a love song but not a jazz song anymore, just a guitar riff and the voice of Amy. This is a good way to show the domain of different notes of the artist. Good.
  5. Hey little rich girl: Another reggae style song but with touches of saxo that makes a good song, it follows the line of the first disc with joyful progressive use of the drums, saxo, guitar riffs and bassline. Great!! 4/5
  6. You’re wondering now: I find another reggae style in this song, i wondering why they changed the style because the first disc was so amazing with his blues jazzy style and now this songs are ok but not so good. Remarkable the sound of the guitar solo riff but anything else. Bad. 2/5
  7. Some unholy war: This is another version of the song from the first disc, good with a slower tempo and the use of an excellent chorus. Spectacular! Great! The performance of Amy and the band recovers the bright of the first disc. 4.5/5
  8. Love is a losing game: I described this song in the first disc. This is a solo version with the guitar and the voice of Amy. Good.

Back to Black isn’t a great album because it’s clever or a new take on a classic style. It’s a great album because you feel it (i’m talking about the first disc). When she slowly sings “You go back to her / And I go back to black” on the title track you believe her absolutely. It’s a suicide note set to music, and unfortunately one that proved to be only too real. Tragically it was her pain, the

same pain that directly or indirectly lead to her death, that made her music so compelling. It’s a terrible price to pay for a classic album, but I prefer to believe that at the least she’s free now.

So that’s all for now. Here is the link  (for promo only):

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

Cover of "What's Going on"

Cover of What's Going on


Hello Again! This time i bring to you this álbum from Marvin Gaye, considered the best álbum of Soul in the History. With this album, Gaye wished to sidestep the sound that made him and others famous during Motown’s untouchable 60s run, trading in that trademark big, bright beat for laid-back grooves inspired by Duke Ellington, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, and Santana. And not only was the album a coming-out party for Gaye as a producer and songwriter, he found his signature voice– soft, floating, airy– on What’s Going On, too. “I felt like I’d finally learned to sing,” he told to the biographer David Ritz. “I’d been studying the microphone for a dozen years, and I suddenly saw what I’d been doing wrong. I’d been singing too loud.”

Much has been made of What’s Going On’s political bent, and it’s true that the music was partially inspired by Marvin’s brother Frankie, who had come back from a three-year tour of Vietnam, along with troublingly violent episodes like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kent State shootings that saw four students killed by national guardsmen. Songs like peace-espousing title track and “What’s Happening Brother“, which finds Gaye expressing a war veteran’s helplessness upon returning home, show Marvin’s dismay toward his country and government. But this album isn’t just a protest time capsule. Far from it. Gaye’s disappointment isn’t just societal, it’s personal as well. During this period, the singer had lost his duet partner and dear friend, Tammi Terrell, and his marriage to Gordy’s sister Anna was violently breaking down, and he was being tailed by the IRS for unpaid back taxes. His resulting depression is evident throughout; What’s Going On isn’t a fiery album filled with timely sloganeering. Part of its long-lasting appeal involves an element of true-to-life resignation. “Who’s willing to try to save a world/ That’s destined to die,” he sings on “Save the Children”, pinpointing an American melancholia– a mix of world-saving power and funereal inevitability– that endures today. With that in mind, let’s start!

  1. What’s Going on: This song critices the war, the abuse of the pólice and the scarce of redistribution between social clases. All of this performed by an excellent Marvin Gaye, and excelent sounds of the band bringing an aura of relax. 4/5
  2. 2.       What’s  Happening Brother: Good beginnig, a bongo a sweet female vocal and the string of a guitar creates a perfect atmosphere. The performance of Marvin here is perfect, asking worried for the problems that any common man in the city could have. 4/5
  3. 3.       Flyin’ High: pure soul in the intro of this song, very harmonic very sensual strings. All the song is accompannied by some touches of xilophon, a slower tempo for the song with an excellent performance from Marvin as usual. 4/5
  4. 4.       Save the children: This is a song that talks about the future, is a relevant song. The future of the kids of tomorrow in that era, with a request to save the planet for all the bad feelings in the people. Excellent song for his content, also with a great performance of Marvin and his band. But i don’t really love the song, there is something that is missed. 3/5
  5. 5.       God is Love: Here we can see the catolic side of Marvin and his influence from the chorus in the church that he once conformed. Good rhythm. 4/5
  6. 6.       Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology): Excellent and brilliant start, the vocals from Marvin sound relaxed followed by a good performance of his band, using percussion, strings and piano. Sophisticated sounds, a sexy Groove with a Saxo at the middle of the song and the chorus of woman makes this song delicious. Great! 4.5/5.
  7. 7.       Right On: INCREDIBLE SOUND! I felt like if i was in the movie “Ocean’s Eleven”. A delicious sound of flute in the background a jazzy sound from the band and lyrics that protest from the difference between social clases makes and calls for the love between all the human, the twist in the minute 5 to a smoother sound with a sensual saxo makes this song the best of all the disc! Excellent! 5/5
  8. 8.       Wholy Holy: In this song Marvin reveals his desire for the people to be united with God, and believe what the religión says about a live in comunion with the people. This is a downtempo song. Not bad but not so good enough. 2.5/5
  9. 9.       Inner City Blues (Make me wanna Holler): The bongo sounds are united with xilophone and saxophone creating an atmosphere of relax and poetry, very harmonic song. The lyrics refers to a live in a city where you can’t live well and you are fulled with obligations and taxes. Here we can see the side of Marvin more sticked to the blues.

His marijuana-soaked delivery, along with the album’s mutating, percussion-fueled rhythms, majestic strings, and jazzy horns, give the affair levity. Perhaps this smooth front also has to do with the fact that Gaye was “hardly an activist in the traditional sense,” while his Vietnam-battered brother was an emotional catalyst, Gaye had neglected to send him one letter during his army stint. And though he was certainly aware of the Detroit race riot that left 43 people dead in 1967, he viewed the sad display on TV from his cushy home on the outskirts of town. Not to say Gaye didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the progressive observations found on What’s Going On, but his relative distance from his subjects allows him to fly over top of them, providing a healing pulse to the disarray below, creating an album as timeless as this one.

Here is the link (for promo only):

Jamiroquai – Rock Dust Light Star Review

Well, i’m very pleased to present this new review about Jamiroquai.

The way has finished finally. Let’s see if Jamiroquai can surprise us with this disc.

Track 1: Rock Dust Light Star

Well, this song has a good intro. Good beats and a good sample and makes me remind the old jamiroquai style back in the earlier discs. This is a good start.

Track 2: White Knuckle Ride

Ok, very good synths. This song goes up with the minutes, and goes better and better! A very disco style reaching the electro style. I repeat and repeat this song, i recommend this song. Very good the disc until now, seems like Jamiroquai is back!

Track 3: Smooke and mirrors

This song has a great into bass line and vocals. The acid jazz style of jamiroquai is back??? Yes, is the jazz style, reminds me of his song Scam and Talullah for the Saxo before the end of the song. Very smooth and kinda sexy too. Great song.

Track 4: All the good in the hood

A very hard bass line right in the beginning. This song is fresh and funny, has the funky style of Jamiroquai. I can distinguish a influence of one of the songs of Queen in the basslines too. Very good.

Track 5: Hurtin’

A very sexy song. Rock and Jazz influences in here, very soft vocals from Jay Kay and the mid speed tempo makes this song perfect for when you’re in the mood to listen a not too heavy rock.

Track 6: Blue Skies

A romantic song with a good bass line, vocals and synths. I listened a very good violin and guitar verse too. This song has the style of Talullah, and the lyrics talks about a broken love and the feel that you have when you’re over it. Very good. Til now the disc is very impressive

Track 7: Lifeline

Violonchelos, trumpets and piano, what else can we ask for a good funky jazz song??? this is a very fresh song, and the lyrics are good too. Seems like the voice of Jay is back again.

Track 8: She’s a Fast persuader

Ok, the intro synths are strange but then it goes to a fast guitar sample. I felt like a was traveling in time or something like that.  The vocals are smooth, and in general the song has the style of his Space Cowboy song. It has a Saxo solo too that later is mixed with the synths, wich creates an incredible feeling. But what? just before the end switches to jazz and then the volume decreases until it disappears. Good

Track 9: Two Completely Different Things

A very funky jazz song. Good saxo, piano, bass line, vocals and trumpets and flute!!!. Reminds me of Seven Days in sunny June song. The tempo isn’t too fast or to slow.  A perfect song for drink a glass of wine hahaha.

Track 10: Goodbye to my Dancer

This song is strange in a good way. Has a little influence of reggae in it, perfect combination of softness with the synthesized piano and the guitar. A Very relaxing song.

Track 11: Never gonna be another

A very smooth song, more relaxing that goodbye to my dancer. The tempo is more slower here too. The lyrics talks about a girl who has no comparison with others but that now isn’t with him , is a love song. Good.

Track 12: Hey Floyd

Let’s check the last track of the album. It starts with congas, then goes progressive with a hard piano and then the style break and switch to a reggae style for a minutes. It’s a new style of Jamiroquai and is good. Then switch again to the jazz style 🙂 very impressive switch of styles in one song.

This disc is very impressive, can make you dance, relax… i don’t have words to describe this disc. I give 5/5. Strongly recommended.

That’s all for now, here is the link (for promo only):—

See ya.