How to Buy Bitcoin with a small capital?

In 2021 the bitcoin is already generating me and a lot of people many profits in this uncertain times. So you can profit from it too, if you are not already buying it, you are losing some easy profits given that institutional money is already getting in too.

What i will teach you in this post is to buy bitcoins and a replica of bitcoins that exposes you into the bitcoin’s price movement (CFD: Contract for differences).


Let’s get to the point: You could use: Etoro and Binance if you want to expose yourself to the actual asset, i mean, to actually buy and be owner of bitcoins for long term investment.

It is as easy as open your account any of these two brokers using your credit card (if you want a more detail guide leave me a comment).

What i usually use to be exposed to Bitcoin’s price movements is IqOption.

The first time i have used my credit card to fund my IqOption but, when i made some profits i had some restrictions: I have first to only withdraw the amount that i have putted in the app and only then i can withdraw my profits.

For doing this, you have to set your skrill account, and from your skrill account you have to withdraw to your local bank account.

Why i like to use IqOption? because i’m not a long term HODLER of bitcoin, i try to obtain quick profits from small movements, and these movements in a bitcoin bull run could give you 30% in one day.

IqOption doesn’t let you trade Bitcoins without using leverage. What i mean is that you have at least to use 3X leverage in order to trade Bitcoin prices.

For example: i have 100$, i choose to buy a bitcoin CFD in IQOption. If the price is 10k USD at the beginning of my trade and it goes to 20K USD, it increased 100%, but i have experienced a 300% of profit given the 3x leverage.

This is a quick post in order to see if this is useful.

If you want a more detailed analysis or guide, please leave me that in the comments.

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