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The debut album from Parisian producer Breakbot (aka Thibaut Berland) is so unabashedly sweet that it's no surprise the album cover features him lovingly rendered in milk and white chocolate. However, a can of soda might have been a more accurate choice: By Your Side is full of fizzy, catchy fusions of disco, soft rock, and dance that are pop through and through. The album's two-part title track, which features guest vocals by Pacific!, defines and encompasses the winsome pop and celebratory disco Breakbot does so well as it moves from the first part's sugary harmonies to the sidling basslines and laser synths of part two.

The first album from Breakbot: By Your Side is now a 2000’s classic because it is filled with what was denominated as the Disco revival, Niu Disco and French House. Since Daft Punk we didn’t have such quality in the production on what is called a soft house music, or something nearest to beach house. For me, this album is a masterpiece and it has established Breakbot as a new ‘god like’ in the french disco house scene, with songs like “One out of Two”, “Fantasy”, “By Your Side Pt. 2” and “Baby I’m Yours”, you will have a nice sunny sunday.

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