[Download] The Best Linkin Park Album: Hybrid Theory

We are sad for the terrible loss of Chester Benington a few years ago because his voice was a representation from our youth, a voice of the generation from the late 90s. We, as the first millenials, saw the technology came from the streets into our houses, and with that we saw this new group called Linkin Park came into our lives with this new kind of rock that mixed rap and metal rock, a genre that we all loved.

Their first album, Hybrid Theory, was a masterpiece, almost every song in this album is filled with hard rock that you easily can use for training at your house or at the gym, or if you need some motivation, songs like runaway, by myself, points of authority, papercut, pushing me away, almost every song is so exciting that they are perfect for the release of anger, a sentiment that we all have in the adolescent period of our lives. In The End is probably the anthem from our childhood. I really love this album. Hybrid Theory is Linkin Park’s best album and no discussion about that is allowed.

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