How to earn more money?

  1. Invest in yourself 10% of what you earn: People want free things, but if you have free things you rarely value them, human beings have this rare characteristic of valuing what costs us the most. In order to improve as a person we always need to invest in ourselves, an investment that will always pay off beyond what is expected. For every dollar you spend on your education, on books, on skills, on your relationships, you will always get at least the cost of what you have spent, which in itself is already a great business.
  2. Spend at least 80% of your leisure time on learning: The age in which now the people live is on the consumption era rather than the production side. Think well how much of what you have used, eaten, seen, touched has been produced by you? It is said with great success that when we buy something we are buying someone else’s dreams because that product, food, dress, movie is the product of the dream and reality that someone else had and for which you are paying. Every second spent on social networks is time consumed, instead of making your future better, you just wasted it. Just like eating badly, each badly consumed time leaves you in a worse situation. Every moment invested leaves you better. We do not expect you to stop having leisure time in entertainment, but as long as that time is an investment in your relationships (with your friends, your parents, your family or your colleagues) or in yourself (educate yourself, read a good book, exercise). The most successful people are people who learn intensively, and constantly, they are people who read frantically to learn new things. They do it because they know that what they do is what determines the way they see the world. They know that the better quality of knowledge they consume, the better their future will be. How can you expect to produce better and more valuable things if all you do is spend time on your social networks or watching netlifx? What you consume translates exactly into what you produce. You consume garbage, you produce garbage.
  3. Invest at least 10% of what you earn in tools that will generate more money. Those with high incomes are not rich, people who earn a lot increase their consumption in such a way that it makes a perfect match with what they earn, when they earn more they consume more, in fact many of these people only consume, which is sad in itself. Very few people make money to make more money. One of the tools can be the stock market, or generate your own business, or buy a car to visit more clients and sell more, or publish your facebook or instagram page with attractive photos, everything you do has to have a focus, a positive focus.
  4. Shift your focus from Receive to Give: “The world gives to those who give and takes from those who take.” Everyone is focused on having more, getting something for themselves, more and more, me and me. However when you become aware of the world, when you wake up from this world of consumption and selfishness you become aware that we are all the same entity. You will have more ideas on how to make the lives of others better, how to improve the business of others, how to provide unique value to others, which will keep you motivated and take you to new levels of trust and appreciation for life.
  5. Become very, very good at Scoail Media Marketing: It is a very bad lie to believe that only marketers need to know marketing, imagine a taxi driver who knows how to segment his clientele, how to have business cards for people who, knowing that he provides quality service, good treatment and good disposition consider it as your favorite taxi, this would help them have more customers and therefore earn more. Marketing is applied psychology, it is connecting people, persuading them and helping them. Marketing is just making your job easier to use and find. People will not appear and magically want to buy your service or product, people will not enter your post to magically read it. For the same reason many people are bad at teaching. They are poorly focused on content than delivery and content design. But delivery, the “how” is so, if not more important, than what you are doing or why you do it. You can have the cure for cancer but if you don’t know how to sell it you will never get people to heal.
  6. Do not focus on the chain of “Time-Effort-Money”: Focus on “Results”. Many people think that by working longer, more effort will get more money in return. That is a completely wrong approach, imagine how many hours you can dedicate to your work.

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