Black Lives Matter: The Best Playlist in Spotify

Right now, we all know the problem that led to us to this moment where we are asking for a change regarding racism, and we want to be conscious about the bad times that all the black people usually have in a normal day, i think that the best way to hear about the message that they want to give us is to listening to them, and what better way to do it than listening to their music.

I listened to this playlist, and i have to say that it contains a great great selection of tunes, probably the best that i heard in a playlist in spotify, it contains rap, hip hop, rnb, funk, between others, that highlights the contribution of the black people to the music with their histories and their everyday sufferings. I specially felt it when i heard one tune that contained this phrase: “we should not let it be, we have to make the change”, signaling to the past preaching of the beatles in the popular song “let it be”, and contrasting it to the “make the change” in the actual status quo that we all want.

Without black people, music will not be music as we know it.


link to the playlist:

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