The last album from Drake, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, is a terrific one, with beats that reminds us to the best albums of him, where he used dark beats, sick lyrics that could be used for a late night driving alone with the broken heart.

Best album tracks:

  1. Deep pockets: a low and depressing beat but relaxing in some way, deep pockets reminds me to the first studio tracks of drake, the one where he was hungry for being the best rapper, and that creates a sick atmosphere for the night.
  2. Chicago Freestyle: I really love this tune, really, because it pays respect to the eminem’s song “Superman”, and it was a sick way of doing it using a slow beat tune, i think this is the best track in the album.
  3. Not You Too: Trust? Trust who?
  4. Toosie Slide: The most pop track in the album? maybe yes, the most happier one, and i think the most easy one, but the feeling that it left you is a good one, and you can dance with this tune.

In this album Drake returned to his base sick low beats that are perfect for the winter, i really liked this album more than the last one that came before this, really recomended one.

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