[Download] The New James Brown? Bruno Mars and 24K Magic [Youtube, Spotify and Torrent Links]


Bruno Mars has been called the natural replacement of Michael Jackson due to his vocal ability and the great level of funk he can achieve. In 24K Magic, the first song of the album, Bruno manages to demonstrate the high level of funk in his veins, 24K Magic seems a song that normally could have been created by Michael Jackson, a successful pop funk with a great production. Calling All My Lovelies and Chunky are songs with great potential, with a style similar to the disco music of the early 80s. Perm is clearly a tribute to the great James Brown, a great funk song again, Bruno Mars has managed to bring back the classical sound finally disco, after the music industry flirted for more than 5 years with the nü disco style. In the same vein, That’s What I Like resembles the album’s beginning song, although not in tempo, at least in style. With this record Bruno Mars has proven that he can be called the new king of funk pop, he has good arguments for it, and given the histrionic ability he possesses can also relieve Michael Jackson from the throne.

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