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Drake releases More Life, but what is the meaning of the phrase “More Life”? More Life is used to wish someone the best for their life, to wish you the best for the future, and Drake releases this album after having finished his relationship with Rihanna, which makes it interesting to listen given that on the previous album “Views” Rihanna contributed a lot with her voice. The album begins with a style quite similar to “If You Are Reading This It’s Too Late”, songs with a high content in heavy hip hop: Free Smoke, Skepta Interlude and Portland, very good songs if you like more underground hip hop. I was really impressed with Nothings into Somethings, the quality of the sample used is really cold, empty, perfect for winter. As you progress on the album it gets darker and in Teenage Fever reaches the maximum point with a powerful sample taken from Jennifer Lopez’s song “If You Had My Love” (remember that it was linked to Drake Sentimentally with Jennifer Lopez for a while) with lyrics that talks about a possible betrayal on the part of her because she (probably Rihanna) has ruined the relationship by making all things to be about her, generating more drama than it should be. Do Not Disturb is another great song that paves the way for the most commercial ones on the album: Fake Love and Passionfruit, both with a great rhythm, great samples and a good lyrics that talks about the breaking of a love while he is still in love with her and can not do anything given that she is far away and the relationship falls apart. Drake on this album returned to his roots, using fairly strong samples in the underground sense of hip hop, experiencing a bit with Trip Hop and making catharsis of what Rihanna left behind, a good album after all.

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