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[Download] Linkin Park last and final album: One More Light [Playlist]

Se perdió la crueldad en sus guitarras, el grito desgarrador de Chester ha desaparecido, tal parece que mezclarse en las sagas de Transformers los ha afectado y los ha vuelto tan pop y vacías como la saga de películas.


The new, final and last album from Linkin Park does not have any rock in it, seems  and sounds like a teenager group of wannabes superstars. What happened to the rock stars heavily influenced by the metal? There was no more cruelty in the guitar riffs, no more screams in the singing of Chester, seems like they want to re-invent themselves, like the Transformers Saga, and in the trying they have become pop and empty music. The only that maintain the vibe is the rapper Mike Shinoda in Good Goodbye, the only remarkable song in the album that has the vibe of the good old times where they began with the rebel and energy that mixed the rock and hip hop back there on the 00’s. As the songs advanced i did not hear any scream from Chester, and just listened more and more pop, almost like Maroon 5. This new sound seem so american, so “produced” by machines, for the end of movies, for credit scenes, no guitars, no bass, just Chester and the sampling, no more Dj doing scratch, no more Mike Shinnoda raping.  With Sharp Edges they totally lost me. Is a weird end for one of the greatest and loved rock bands in history.

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