[Download] The Electronic Music is now the New Pop thanks to Witness from Katy Perry [Youtube, Spotify Playlist]

Katy Perry starts the album with some melodic music, highly starring the piano and lyrics that talk about disconnection in the current era and how everyone seeks to be more connected without actually being, just looking to make our ego feel better thanks to the likes, actions and hearts in instagram. 
The sampling she uses in most of the songs is highly electronic, the songs are mainly focused on electronic music than pop music, or is it that electronic music is finally pop? I must say that the swish swish sample is quite good, coming from Fatboy Slim's Star 69 song, she has made a great arrangement. 
I got bored with the next two songs, the first one more insufferable than the previous one, but then the well-known Chained to the rhythm was presented, a very good song given the rhythm, the feeling of the song is in the disco sound and the lyrics again speak of people's attachment to what now sounds on the radio, to what they sell us, to what they make us consume, although Katy Perry is, paradoxically, part of it all. I like the hop trip of the song Tsunami, but he already exaggerates going into a trance with the song Bigger Than Me. 
The album ends with a personal protest song by Katy given that she is already coming of age for the musical world, she has already passed the age of 30, and the song talks about not acting according to her age, that the social parameters on the attitude of people according to the passing of age is just a perception, a song that seems to be a replica of their first teenage songs like I Kissed a Girl. 
In general, the album has peak moments, but it also has very weak moments caused by the high experimentation of electronic styles that it has done in this album. Electronic Music is now Pop.

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