The 7 Best Ideas in George Orwell’s 1984 Book (With Download Link)


Day by day we see how technology floods us with new applications, new ways of being always connected, always looking at a screen (including myself I’m writing this I have three screens around me), always sharing what we do, always watching it what others do. This Utopian world keeps us very close, does not it? No. In this world where we are increasingly looking for the union, we can see how the disconnection in the real world is given to increasing measures: how many times in the last month you met with someone physically without their cellphone? We always have a screen with us, always with the concentration half, always distracted, doped, controlled by a few companies that own the people who devote their time and money to feed this system in which we live and in which nobody, or very few, think about what they are doing with their time and who benefit from the activities they do.

Take this flood of screens today, and let’s think about the world of 1984, in this world all humans have a screen receiver and transmitter everywhere, screen that can’t be turned off or control, so that everyone is always being watched and Receiving information and belonging to a totalitarian government ruled by the big brother, who are not allowed to think for themselves. These ideas that were raised more than three decades ago can still be seen and are more effective than ever today.


  1. Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past. The only way to convey the knowledge that human beings have for each other for generations is through writing. You have already seen how most of the Inca traditions or peoples of that time who had not developed writing and therefore all accumulated knowledge that they obtained were lost to posterity. History books and books in general are the source we use to know about the past, now imagine that someone burns and disappears all the books and modifies all the history articles and removes all cassettes, records, mp3s and recordings on our Past and decide to rewrite history, how would future generations know what actually happened? He who controls the past then controls the future.
  2. Your worst enemy is your own nervous system, because when you least expect it the tension accumulated within you could be translated into a visible symptom. How many times have you shouted to your relatives because you do not have patience with them not for them but for the tension accumulated by traffic, heat, exams, work, life itself? Not being able to control your nervous system, can be your worst enemy in many occasions in your life.
  3. Until they are conscious, they will not rebel, and without rebellion they will not be conscious. Why doesn’t our society scream for something that has real importance? Why are banal marches generated? Why do they protest about gender inclusion and ideology? Why not march for corruption, for death stupidly in robberies, why not for the lack of hospitals in the farthest corners, for extreme poverty? Everyone is dumbfounded watching on the side, watching their cell phones or receiving the gossip that television gives them.1984-by-opallynn-d4lnuoh
  4. Life is a momentary struggle against hunger, cold, sleep, against a stomachache or toothache. It is clear in many books that happiness is not a perpetual state, but it is found in the solutions of everyday problems, those problems that bother us like a stone in the shoe and whose resolution temporarily alleviates us, such as finding a better job , Earn more money, improve on grades or just be able to sleep a few more hours.
  5. Throughout history and probably since the late Neolithic period, there have been three kinds of people in the world: upper class, middle class, and lower class. The essential structure of society has never changed. Even after enormous revolts and apparently irrevocable changes, the same order has been re-established.
  6. The general increase of wealth threatens to destroy hierarchical societies. In a world where everyone enjoys benefits like working less and earning more, being rich would no longer be different. If everyone were rich, the large masses of people who are usually brutalized by poverty would end up growing up and learning to think for themselves, and sooner or later they would determine that the privileged minority lacks function and would end it. In the long run a hierarchical society was only possible if it was based on poverty and ignorance.
  7. The goal of the upper class is to continue where you are. The one of the middle class is to take the place to the upper class. The objective of the lower class, when it has it, because it usually happens that the lower class is so overwhelmed by overwork that only intermittently can be aware of anything other than their daily life, is to abolish all differences and create A society where all are equal.
  8. The upper class is usually secure in power, but often loses the ability to govern. Then the middle class, which attracts its side to the lower class pretending to fight for freedom and justice. When the middle class achieves its objective, it forgets the lower class and it returns to its situation of servitude. Of the three groups, the lower classes never achieve their goals, only get a change in the name of their masters.


Under the previous premises, the proletarians are no threat, if left alone, will continue to work, reproducing, dying generation after generation without feeling the urge to rebel and without coming to understand that the world could be different, led as zombies by Social networks, spending their time watching gossip programs or banal television, spending their money on the weekend to return on Monday to work to be able to repeat the circle until the end of days. And you? What do you want to be? Proletarian all life? Or Do you prefer to open your eyes and better choose your authorities, consume programs with social content and continue to cultivate knowledge? I believe that nobody would like to live as a prole all life, not at least someone who detested the mediocrity in which we currently live. Read more, open your eyes.

So, if you want to read it, here it is the download link: George Orwell – 1984

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