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The last album from Gustavo Cerati: Infinito. [Download, Youtube and Spotify links inside]

Want to hear the best of the solo career from Gustavo Cerati? check this and find it.


Since i remember, as a great sudamerican rocker i have always loved the music that Soda Stereo made, and then ethe Cerati career as a solo artist. This album, infinito, is a compilation of the best songs that he made in his career when he produced 5 albums, with tunes like Karaoke, Lago en el Cielo, Bocanada, Crimen and Rapto, it showed me with great tracks that he wrote great lyrics with which i felt very identified, like in Karaoke. The passing away from Cerati was very sad for all the Soda Stereo fans because Cerati was always there, bringing us new music, exploring new styles or just singing the old Soda Stereo’s songs. This compilation show you that his music will be remembered until infinity.


Here’s the link for your pleasure: 

Also, if you want to listen it in youtube: Gustavo Cerati – Infinito

And if you want to listen it in spotify: Gustavo Cerati – Infinito on Spotify

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