The new from Pharrell dear sirs! A brand new funk and hip hop album. Starting with Brand New that has a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. I could use this song in a sunny morning to set a good mood! Gush is the perfect tune to set a sexy mood! I listen here the influence from Michael Jackson. With lyrics that says: “…Do you wanna get dirty girl? I like that ass on fire…” Happy is already a top tune around the world, what more can i say? Gust of Wind is another perfect tune with the best from the Disco Era in it! Great Funky Bassline from Daft Punk! perfect track! similar to Get Lucky. There is a hidden track in the song Lost Queen that got sounds of the beach and then begins a sexy bassline. The voice of Pharrell accompanies very well the style, sounds like a Timberlake tune.

I really enjoyed the album cause it has a fresh funky style, the collabs are amazing and the different style that the songs has are amazing. A worth to listen album.

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