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Drake has a lot of media attention and that could only be for a good reason. So i listened to Drake and the first time i didn’t liked the entire album, just a few tracks, the tempo is very low and his basslines are very minimalistic, i think that if you want to listen to Drake you have to be sad. About the songs, Wu Tang Forever is a down beat song with great lyrics, the bassline is very minimalistic with the repetitive phrase: “it’s yours”. It’s kinda a dark tune, the ups and downs in his tone combine perfectly with the soft changes in the bassline. Worst Behaviour has rudeness, cruelty on the lyrics and a mad bassline: “On my worst behaviour”, Drake goes personal here, to the time when no one wanted to listen to him. Hold on We’re going Home, i liked this for the beat, this song is the more commercial one in the album i think. Too Much has beats and a sample line that is very similar to the ones that Kendrick use, and for that i liked the song, a sad tune for the night. Come Thru got my attention with the first beat, it reminds me the style that Ne Yo had, and the lyrics are amazing: “Girl you got that thing for real”. The Motion was the final tune in an amazing album, specially for the lyrics: “Is not me and you, It’s  not me it is you”.

The media critics said: “Lyrically, NWTS is Drake’s strongest yet. As he goes from “something between psychotic and iconic” on “Furthest Thing” to name-dropping ex-girlfriends Bria, Summer and “Kourtney from Hooters on Peach Street” on “From Time,” his lyrics flow seamlessly, melting tracks together. Everything unfolds as he delves into a history of family troubles, career struggles and toxic relationships”.

If you want to download the album here is the link: Download Nothing Was The Same from Drake

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