[Do Not Download] There is Just One Song in Oasis’ Standing on the Shoulder of Giants [Spotify and Youtube Links]


This is the fourth studio album from Oasis, with a clear reference to The Beatles. At that time Oasis had lost two founding members (Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs and Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan) and this lost changed their classic sound into a more elaborated one.“The album is an effective modern psychedelic record complete with drum loopssampleselectric sitarmellotronsynthesizers and backward guitars, resulting in an album more experimental with electronica and heavy psychedelic rock influences. Songs such as “Go Let It Out“, the Indian-influenced “Who Feels Love?“, and the progressive “Gas Panic!” were a departure from the band’s earlier style.” And you can feel it perfectly in the first tune “Fuckin’ in the Bushes”, a song that has no lyrics just samples.  Little James is a cheerful tune besides that the lyrics talks about a lost from a child, i don’t know why but it has good lyrics on it. Definitely Sunday Morning Call is the best tune in the album, and definitely is one song that will pass the time and will become a classic. It was a darker album possibly reflecting the times, or perhaps reflecting the loss of two original members. Noel said: “Even though it wasn’t our finest hour, it’s a good album born through tough times. I worked harder on that album than anything before and anything since.

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