[Download] Be Here Now from Oasis, the 90’s Sound reflected in One Album [Youtube, Spotify and Download Links]


Be Here Now is the best album in the discography of Oasis, at least for me. I feel that they have the sound of the nineties in every album, but specially in this one. It is very similar to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band from The Beatles and the album is filled with references to the Fab 4. Actually, the album is named “Be Here Now” because that was what John Lennon said when asked to put a phrase to the 60’s era. I have to say that from the first song to the end all the album is chained in a very good way.  Stand by me, a song that will pass the generations, and All Around The World is a song that is a classic now, both of the later are now anthems. If you like the late 90s and early 00’s music this will be a great album for you. “If you start a band and you don’t wanna be like The Beatles, then there’s no reason to start a band”.



If you want to download the album, here is the link: Be Here Now by Oasis, Download Link

Youtube Playlist: Youtube Playlist to Be Here Now from Oasis

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