Released in the middle of 2013, the album begins with the incredible tune called Gimme What I Don’t Know, i heard this tune and get captured for almost 20 repeats, it has some killer beats and is perfect for the dancefloor! Then came my favorite TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!!!, i got excited when i heard it for the first time and i never get tired of listen to this tune, it has the perfect disco sound that i love, violins, trumpets, bassline, groove! If i liked Take Back the Night, this one liked me almost in the same level -actually i have to listen this song once a day- You got It On. This one is another that fits perfect for a moment when you and your lady are together and you want to seduce her and get undressed. It creates the perfect vibe, it puts you in the right mood. Take some wine and you are ready.

Download Link: Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Part 2

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