[Download] The New Prince of Pop: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Vol 1


Timberlake sirs! A great RnB artist since he went solo. I have to say that this man has the disco vibe that i like to hear and many of his bassline -composed by Timbaland- are sick. I have waited long long time to hear something new from this man, cause i liked his two previous albums, and i have to say that this album worth -in 70% of the songs- the wait. When you first hear it you will feel transported to the fifties, i think that Timberlake tried to bring back the classy style from that era. Pusher Love is the perfect opener for the album, it sounds like the soundtrack of an old movie (it has an incredible breakdown in the last minute with sick beats in it). Suit & Tie what can i say? I love this tune. Don’t Hold the Wall has great lyrics and a sick bassline tune – Timbaland did a great job here- . Strawberry Bubblegum i loved this tune too, the lyrics are amazing, the story is incredible, and the breakdown at the end is pure gold. Spaceship Coupe has an incredible sexyvibe in it, i like it. That Girl reveals the great band that plays the instrumental for Timberlake, the Tennessee Kids are awesome. Let the groove get in is another incredible tune, love the groove that it has, perfect tune for a party starter.


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