The Alternate Abbey Road is said to be better than the original one, i think that too because the feeling, the outtakes and the conversation that the beatles had between them could be listened here, but well you decide. The best songs for me are: 1 Come Together (take 1) 5 Octopus’s Garden (take 32) 6 I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7 Here Comes the Sun 8 Because (take 16) 9 You Never Give Me Your Money (Unreleased take) 10 Sun King (Early mix) 12 Polythene Pam 13 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window 14 Golden Slumbers (Early take) 15 Carry That Weight (Early take) 16 The End (Early Instrumental mix) 20 Come and Get It (demo) 22 Something (demo) 23 Old Brown Shoe (demo) 24 All Things Must Pass (demo) 25 The End (take 7). 

Download link: Torrent for Download the Alternate Abbey Road