[Download] Did You Just Broke Up? Then Listen to The XX First Album



I found this indie pop/dream pop band from England two years ago and i wanted to share their music because they have a very unique ethereal sound. What i like about this band is their simplicity on their songs and the way that the female and the male voices melts together. The album starts for me with VCR, a perfect lullaby song for when you broken pieces with your significant other: “you, you used to have all the answers”Crystalised, i think this song is perfect for a morning at the beach, i imagine this song as a soundtrack for a surf video, the interaction between the voices and the guitar riffs are fantastic, Islands! This one is my favorite from the album! – such a joyful song! beautiful one with great lyrics “i’m yours now. so now i never have to leave..” and  great rhythm! A song that goes in crescendo and finish with a perfect resolution! You have to listen this one-. I found shelter in Shelter with pleasant lyrics for when you had a fight with your loved one. “and i’ll cross oceans like never before so you can feel the way I feel it too and I’ll mirror images back at you so you can see the way I feel it too, maybe I had said, something that was wrong, can I make it better with the lights turned on?”

Download it: The XX – The XX (direct download link)


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