[Jazz Culture] “El Baile del Cadaver”, Wayne Shorter Speaks no Evil in his best album [Spotify Link]


The year was 1965 and the people involved in the album were some big names already in the jazz world: Herbie Hancock on the piano, Ron Carter on the bass and Shorter on the Saxophone.  The style in the album is post-bop, a genre that belongs to the mid fifties where the forms, tempos, and meter are freer, all the compositions are new, and the band members themselves are featured composers. This free style of sounds are very present along the album with songs like “Fee Fi Fo Fum”, the trumpet here played by Hubbard develop an incredible role, it undress your imagination and take it into a personal journey. The trumpet then is followed by a solo of piano from Herbie Hancock that joins together with the soft playing of the drums, just to explode at the end of the song and awakening from your incredible journey. “Speak no Evil” is dangerous, really marvelous, the piano and the saxo are in a battle, in a delicious battle were the only winner are your ears. “Dance Cadaverous” is a perfect piece that could give life to a dead body, i see in my head something like that when i heard it! It starts with soft trumpets and saxophones so the body could begin to wake up slowly and then it takes it to the highest places with the merge of everyone in just one note at the end.

Speak no evil is a must hear jazz album that will let you love the works of great musicians involved in the jazz world.

Spotify Playlist: Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil

Download Link: Wayne Shorter – download

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