daft punk alive

I know that you have listened amazing albums from this Daft Punk, but this album recorded alive is a rare gem. This set was recorded on November 8, 1997 on Que Club, Birmingham, way back then when they didn’t released yet “One More Time” nor “Discovery“. The Set Focuses on the album “Homework” but it’s very clear the disco era is present in the set, the future base for their Discovery album. As a french house DJS they used very good songs from the disco era like Saturday Morning, Saturday Night, samplings from “Forgive Me Nots”, and even the future sampling for Get Lucky (I swear i hear it, but i don’t know if you do too). Ok, i’m talking with bias, i can’t give a good analysis of this set, because i love french house. So i will give the playlist link and let you be the judge.