[Must Listen] The Songs You Heard in a way you Did Not Hear Before: The Doors’ Essential Rarities

The Doors‘ Essential Rarities is a compiled box of unpublished studio versions, live versions and demos from the band that was released back there in the year 1999. I Know that you would enjoy this album given the tracks involved in it: Hello to the Cities is a vivid proof of the energy that Morrison had when he was in the stage, followed by Break on Through that is performed amazingly with special arrangements in the concert that they had in The Isle of Wight back in 1970. The album follows with an amazing live version of Roadhouse Blues recorded at the Madison Square Garden in 1970 -you will hear here the best moment of Jim at the show-. After that came Hyacinth House, the demo version of the song from the last album were Jim Morrison appears, it reveals the sadness that Jim had at that time, he was tired of the band and the fame. Then came the blues baby! with Who Scared You, please listen the incredible blues style that the band performs. The End -17 minutes long version- and The Soft Parade close the album. The entire album is a great, brings us a side that we didn’t hear of The Doors before. An authentic treasure, lost in the days where the good Jim ruled.


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